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Musical Essays: How to Impress a Teacher
Musical Essays: How to Impress a Teacher
Musical Essays: How to Impress a Teacher
Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears… Is this what your musical essay going to be about? Well, on the one hand, disclosing such topics in musical essays is pretty normal for modern students, because pop music and pop stars make up an integral part of modern culture.

Yet, we are sorry to disappoint you, but a musical essay like that may not look that impressive and fascinating to your teacher. We suppose that he/she is waiting for something more than a discussion of pop music or Lady Gaga’s new album. What we advise you to do (at least if you want to make a good impression) is devote your musical essay to a piece of classic music, classic composer, etc.

Probably, writing about classic musical compositions sounds a bit scary to you. You are not an expert in this field and only a several years ago discovered that Beethoven is not the name of a dog from a movie. Yet, do not hurry to reject the idea of writing musical essays about classic music, because we can explain you how to manage this task. Here are good tips for you.

Tip 1

If you choose some classic composition, your major task when writing the musical essay will be to analyze that composition. Since you are not an expert, nobody expects that you will make a professional, in-depth analysis. It may be quite enough to cover the following points:
- composer’s purpose of creating this piece;
- the main message of the composition;
- some general musical devices used;
- your impression, etc.

Tip 2

There are plenty of secondary sources that can help you prepare an excellent musical essay. Read critiques of the chosen musical composition or interpretations of the text if you decide to write about opera.

Tip 3
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