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Standard Essays: First Steps in Writing
Standard Essays: First Steps in Writing
Standard Essays: First Steps in Writing
One day you come to your school (most likely it is a school, not a college) and find out that you need to write something called “an essay”. You are not frightened yet, but you start writing and nothing comes out of it. Then you go online and type something like “standard essay tips”, “essay standards”, or “standard essay format” into a search field. Almost everyone goes through this.

The most common brief essay standard is a 5-paragraph essay, which means that your paper should contain at least 5 sections: Introduction, Body (with 1st, 2nd and 3rd main points), and Conclusion. Let us take a closer look at this structure.


The introductory part deals with two important elements of a standard essay: it is a thesis statement and history of a problem. Your standard essays should be built around your thesis statement. You have to prove, research, and support it. Generally speaking, you have to do something with it.
A history review is designed to show how your topic emerged and evolved. The introduction of standard essays should present not more than a fifth part of the paper in whole.


We advise you to plan your paper beforehand and start writing standard essays only after you do all needed research. Divide your topic into the main points and then divide each of them into sub-points to elaborate them separately. When it comes to standard essays, you may “treat” your paper as a construction set.


This section of standard essays concludes your paper. In other words, every standard essay should lead its reader through a full circle:
- Presentation of your problem and thesis statement;
- Introduction of background information on the problem;
- Proof of your thesis statement (with the help of supporting evidences, facts, arguments, etc.);
- Restatement in a conclusion.

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