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Literature Essays: The Main Writing Principles
Literature Essays: The Main Writing Principles
Literature Essays: The Main Writing Principles
If you are assigned a literature essay, most probably your teacher wants you to analyze some work of literature: a poem, novel, play, etc. In general, writing essays about literature is not the most complicated task. The main key to preparing successful literature essays is your awareness and good understanding of the given text.

By the way, the text will also serve as a primary source of information for your essays on literature. Sometimes, teachers ask to use only this primary source without any additional research and secondary sources such as critical comments. This aspect should be clarified with your teacher.

Now, check the main principles of writing literature essays.

Writing essays in literature: principle 1

After you finish reading the work of literature, think for a while what exactly you want to discuss in your essay. Do not hurry to come up with literature essay topics. Topics for this kind of essays vary greatly. You can either make a general analysis of the work or focus on something specific like the main characters, major themes, symbolism, etc.

Writing essays in literature: principle 2

Take time to create a thesis statement for your literature essay. It is an absolutely necessary component, which reflects the main problem you want to address.

Writing essays in literature: principle 3

What are the main rules you should keep in mind when writing the body paragraphs of your literature essay? First, each paragraph should be directly related to your thesis. Second, everything you talk about in the body should be supported with evidences taken from the text. Find relevant examples from the text, specific passages, quotes that can prove your assertions.

Yet, be careful with evidences. Do not choose too long passages or quotations. Two-three sentences from the text will be enough to back up statements, assertions, etc. in your literature essay.

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