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Reaction Essays: How Did You Feel?
Reaction Essays: How Did You Feel?
Reaction Essays: How Did You Feel?
As far as we know, students who have experience in writing reaction papers like this assignment very much. The thing is that this kind of essays seems to be not as formal as other types. You do not have to make up something – just introduce your reaction on a subject matter.

Sounds exciting, right? Then, you definitely need more details on how to write reaction essays.
What is the gist of reaction essays?

You have flicked through sample reaction papers but still cannot get what they are all about. Well, to put it into simple words, you will have to prepare a reaction paper on a specific event, piece of writing, etc. that presents your feelings and reaction.

What are you not supposed to do when writing reaction essays?

Introducing your reaction means that you are not supposed to convince the reader of something, insist on your opinion, or defend it. You can introduce any ideas and points of view in the reaction essay even if you do not agree with author’s ideas.

For instance, you watched a video, which states that universal health care would be a great option. If you do not agree, do not be shy to write in the reaction essay that you are for private health care.

What steps should you take to prepare reaction essays?

Take the following steps to complete your paper:
1. Read or watch something that your essay will be based on;
2. While reading or watching, write down your first impressions and reaction;
3. After you finish reading or watching, write down more details about how you felt, what exactly you read or saw, your opinion about that;
4. Finally, you may get down to writing the reaction essay based on your notes.

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