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Essays on Thomas Hardy: Poems vs. Novels
Essays on Thomas Hardy: Poems vs. Novels
Essays on Thomas Hardy: Poems vs. Novels
Thomas Hardy was a great English poet and novelist who belonged to the naturalist movement, although romantic and enlightenment movements had an impact on his works as well.

Hope you have read at least some of his works, because otherwise, completing an essay on Thomas Hardy might be really tricky. If you have read just critical comments, hardly will you understand Hardy’s style and techniques. Thus, you will not be able to explain these significant aspects in your essay on Thomas Hardy.

By the way, what would you like to discuss more in your essay on Thomas Hardy – his poems or novels? Hardy considered himself a poet. Yet, his poems were published for the first time when Hardy was in his 50s, and for many people he is famous for great novels.

Some of the most popular novels your essay on Thomas Hardy can be based on are as follows:
- The Return of the Native;
- The Mayor of Casterbridge;
- The Woodlanders;
- Tess of the D’Urbervilles;
- Jude the Obscure.

In fact, the last two novels (Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure) received very negative comments in the Victorian society. So, you can explain why in your essay on Thomas Hardy.

If you are short of time and cannot read the novels, essays on Thomas Hardy can be devoted to one of his amazing poems. Poetry was Hardy’s first love. His poems depict themes of love, death, disappointment in love, etc.

Hardy produced series of poems devoted to war, but many people believe that Hardy created his best poems after the death of his first wife Emma. Find them, read, and make an analysis for your essay on Thomas Hardy.

We recommend the following poems to discuss in essays on Thomas Hardy:
- The Man He Killed;
- Drummer Hodge;
- The Voice;
- The Hunter;
- The Darkling Thrust.

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