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Grade 12 Essays: How to Succeed
Grade 12 Essays: How to Succeed
Grade 12 Essays: How to Succeed
On the one hand, writing grade 12 essays should not be too tricky. You have already learned all the rules of essay writing, have gained necessary writing skills, and simply know many other things about essays.

On the other hand, you might feel rather nervous about writing grade 12 essays, because grades that you will get play an important role.

This is why let us highlight the main rules one should keep in mind about grade 12 essays.

What do teachers expect from grade 12 essays?

You will have to write grade 12 essays on absolutely different subjects: History, Literature, Economics, and even essays on Chemistry. Although you will face different tasks and will have different purposes, all your teachers want you to show the following:
a good understanding of a subject;
an ability to express your ideas clearly and precisely;
your awareness of some specific techniques of writing essays relevant to the subject.

How long are grade 12 essays?

The length of a grade 12 essay varies, mainly depending on your teacher’s requirements. Sometimes, you will be asked to prepare short essays (about 300 words), but at times a grade 12 essay might be 2000 words or even longer.

Yet, if your teacher does not give specifications, choose an average grade 12 essay length, which is 500-1000 words.

How are grade 12 essays evaluated?

Usually, teachers let their students know what criteria will be used to assess essays. These are several typical criteria:
the main idea of an essay and the way it is disclosed;
an overall organization of the paper;
evidences used to support the essay;
grammar, stylistics.

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