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Essays on Paintings: How to Approach Your Assignment
Essays on Paintings: How to Approach Your Assignment
Essays on Paintings: How to Approach Your Assignment
For some students, preparing essays on paintings is an exciting assignment, but obviously, it is not for you. You do not know much about paintings and artists and you do not like visiting art museums. Besides, you are short of time necessary to write your essay on paintings.

Well, do not panic, because here we are going to discuss several approaches to making good painting essays. By the way, if you want to create a really good paper, it is better to visit your local art museum. It is also one of the good and rather easy approaches to completing essays on paintings.

What you should do is go to a museum, choose a painting, and study it carefully. Make some notes that you will later use to write your essay on paintings. Do not forget to describe your feelings, ideas. Then, find more details about the painting and its author, period when it was created, etc. After that, you will just have to compose your paintings essay.

If for some reasons you cannot visit such museum, try one of the following approaches to preparing essays on paintings.

Essays on paintings about a certain artist

Think of any famous artist. Make sure you know at least some of his/her works. In your essay on paintings, briefly tell about the artist’s biography, focusing on his/her works, things that inspired the artist to create them, specific style. Analyze one or two popular works.

Essays on paintings about Renaissance

Sure, we give Renaissance as an example, and your essay on paintings can be based on any other period. If you choose this approach, the following points can be included into essays on paintings:
common features of paintings of that period;
topics that were usually depicted;
famous representatives of that period and their works.

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