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Essays on “Robinson Crusoe”: Questions to Answer, Things to Discuss
Essays on “Robinson Crusoe”: Questions to Answer, Things to Discuss
Essays on “Robinson Crusoe”: Questions to Answer, Things to DiscussDaniel Defoe wrote his famous novel many years ago, in 1719, but it is still admired by millions of readers around the world and included into a Literature class curriculum.

So, according to your curriculum, you have to read “Robinson Crusoe” and write an essay about the novel that, obviously, puzzles you a little.

Actually, you do not have to worry. If you have read the novel, chances to write a good essay on “Robinson Crusoe” are rather high. You simply need a couple of hints that we have already prepared for you.

Things to discuss in essays on “Robinson Crusoe”

There are a lot of important aspects in the novel to discuss and analyze in essays on “Robinson Crusoe”. Sure, one of the easy ways to complete essays on “Robinson Crusoe” is to talk about the main characters of the novel – Robinson and Friday.

First, tell in your essay on “Robinson Crusoe” what you think about Robinson, his character, etc. What strong and negative traits can you see?

Then, express in the essay on “Robinson Crusoe” your opinion about Friday’s character.

Finally, explain in your essay on “Robinson Crusoe” whether the two characters are similar somehow.

Another aspect to touch upon in essays on “Robinson Crusoe” are such religious motifs in the novel as repentance, dependence on God, God’s miracles, etc.

Questions to answer in essays on “Robinson Crusoe”

If you were attentive enough while reading the novel, you should have some questions about various events from the story.

These are possible questions to answer in the essay on “Robinson Crusoe”:
- Why does Robinson seem indifferent towards having a family, children although he is happy to see his goat or cat multiplying their population?
- Why does Crusoe want Friday to be a Protestant while being rather tolerant towards religion on his island?
- Do you think Robinson undergoes major changes (his character) while on the island?

To get more ideas, flick through free essays on “Robinson Crusoe”.

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