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Biblical Essays: Free Topic Suggestions
Biblical Essays: Free Topic Suggestions
Biblical Essays: Free Topic Suggestions
You have spent several hours trying to come up with biblical research topics for your essay, but it seems like all your attempts bring you nowhere.

Sure, we are ready to present you several hints for writing biblical essays. Yet, before that, let us explain you something.

Have you read the Holy Bible? Have you opened it when you were searching for a biblical research topic? The thing is that the Bible describes almost every sphere of human life and you can even tell what you are supposed to do in this or that situation.

What we mean is that many things and phenomena around you can serve as good biblical research topics. You just have to take the Bible, find verses devoted to your topic, and collect information and arguments for your biblical essay.

Here are several examples of biblical research topics for your paper.

Alcohol as your biblical research topic

What you need to do is investigate what the Bible says about alcohol, people drinking alcohol, and so on. Actually, alcohol beverages are mentioned in the Bible quite often. You can use the following passages: Psalm 104:14f, Isaiah 5:11f, Galatians 5:19–21, and others.

Basically, you need to explain in your biblical essay whether drinking alcohol is considered to be a sin or not.

Slavery as your biblical research topic

You can find some references to slavery in the Bible. Unlike these days when slavery is a crime against humanity, it was pretty normal in biblical times. The Bible does not view slavery as an abomination.

Murder as your biblical research topic

Exodus 20:13 says, “Thou shalt not kill”. Before writing your paper, study some murder references in the Bible like the story of Cain and Abel or about Moses who killed an Egyptian. Then explain what the Bible actually says about a murder.

If necessary, use our tips for writing essays on murder or a term paper on religion.

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