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French Literature Essays: How to Choose a Topic
French Literature Essays: How to Choose a Topic
French Literature Essays: How to Choose a Topic
French literature is diverse and rich. It was greatly affected by French history, various events that happened at this or that period of time or some people that had an impact on the life of France.

If you have time, you can briefly study the history of France before writing your essay in French literature. Yet, we suppose you need urgent help, some topic ideas, and recommendations for writing good essays in French literature. This is exactly what you will find in this article.

How to amaze a teacher with your French literature essay

Sure, one of the most effective ways to stun your teacher is to write your French literature essay in French (make sure your teacher speaks French and will be able to read such masterpiece).

Yet, if you are not good at French, a couple of original quotes will certainly make your French literature essay look better.

How to choose a topic for French literature essays

Deciding on a particular author or work to write about in your French literature essay will be a bit challenging. We advise you narrow the focus by looking at different periods in the history of French literature and various genres.

17th century drama in your essay in French literature

If you are interested in this period and genre of literature, your paper can be devoted to any Moliere’s work or to Pierre Corneille’s “Le Cid”, for instance.

18th century plays in your essay in French literature

“Le Mariage de Figaro” is one of the vivid examples of a French 18th century play and a perfect topic for your paper.

19th century realism in your essay in French literature

Realism was one of the main features of French and many other cultures in the 19th century. Maupassant’s works are done in the best traditions of realism, and will also fit your essay perfectly.

Besides, read our articles about French essays and a literary analysis essay.

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