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Position Essays: Take a Strong Position
Position Essays: Take a Strong Position
Position Essays: Take a Strong Position
This is the first time you are assigned a position paper. Instructions that your teacher gave turned to be ineffective. So, now you have no clue how position papers should be completed.

Most probably, if you flick through free position essays, it will not work as well. This is why we offer our simple explanations about position essays and instructions on how to complete them.

The gist of a position essay

A position essay, in other words, can be defined as an argumentative essay. Probably, it is just more focused on your personal position on some problem that you have to defend. However, the rules of writing argumentative and position papers are almost the same.

Some rules of making effective position essays

The main rule to keep in mind is that you need to define your position on a problem, something like “I am against abortion” or “I support gay marriages”.

Then, follow these simple rules of writing position essays.

Rule 1
Start with some background information about your topic to show why it is important. Briefly discuss the opposing standpoints. In the body paragraphs of your position essay, you will have to provide more details about them.

Rule 2
Conduct research, which is necessary to support your position. Find and use documents, statistical data, etc. to back up the arguments introduced in your position essay.

Rule 3
Be logical and provide only logical arguments in the position essay. Do not try to convince the reader of your position by means of appealing to emotions, stereotypes, some traditions, etc.

Rule 4

The conclusion of your position essay should not be a repetition of already mentioned in the body paragraphs information. A good position paper should be finished with your suggestions on how to solve the problem.
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