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Research Methods Paper
Research Methods Paper
Research Methods Paper
Writing a research methods paper is not an easy task for a student. However, academic writing is not easy at all, meaning not only research methods paper, but any kind of academic papers.
We decided to render you our help on writing a paper on research methods. There are several useful tips which must help you.

Research methods paper format

To write a good paper on research methods, you should follow some rules. We will present some of the most important basic requirements.
Writing a research methods paper, you should use a standard font, such as Times New Roman or Arial 12pt, or Courier New 10pt.
- Margins all around each page of your paper have to be 1 inch at the top and at the bottom of the page, and 1.25 inches left and right.
- Page numbers should be put in the upper right corner of each page of your work.
- Paper on research methods has to have up to twenty typed pages of text. Appendices are not included in this number.
- All the headings and titles of your research methods paper should be centered.
- You have to double space all the lines.

Research methods paper outline
1. Research methods paper introductory part, presenting a topic of the paper on research methods and the main goals.
2. Research methods problem setting.
3. Theoretical part of the paper on research methods, which includes the literary review and the prior research.
4. Hypothesis setting.
5. The analysis of research methods problem.
6. Research methods, which include time dimension (cross-sectional or longitudinal study design) and mode of observation (experiment, survey, observation, etc.).
7. New openings and findings, made during research methods paper writing.
8. Conclusion, showing your results.
9. List of references to the sources which have been used for analysis of the research methods problem.
10. Appendices, including the additional (for example, graphics, illustrations, etc.) information.
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