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Essays about TV: Free Ideas for Writing
Essays about TV: Free Ideas for Writing
Essays about TV: Free Ideas for Writing
Modern television… Is it a good or evil power? How does it affect our society? What is your attitude to it?

We suggest you answer these questions before you get down to writing your essay about TV. It will be a kind of starting point for you. Or, there is another thing you can do.

Sit for about half an hour and watch TV. We are sure you do this every day. Yet, this time you have to be critical and look at things on TV as they are. This should also help you get inspired to write the best essay about TV.

Anyway, after you do this, you will have to think about the main idea to develop in the essay on TV. To get started, we offer you a list of ideas from our writers. You can choose something from this list or come up with your own topic for the essay about TV.

Essays about TV shows

Perhaps, the main question you can answer is “What was the purpose of creating TV shows?” Do you find them useful? Do they provide people with valuable knowledge? In your essay about TV shows, you can tell about your favorite ones and say a few words about the first TV shows.

Essays about TV and its effect on children

There is a range of problems to discuss if you choose this topic for your essay about TV:
- TV and its impact on aggressive behavior in children;
- TV vs. reading books;
- TV vs. physical activities, etc.

Essays about TV and different images it creates

Do you agree that TV creates some sorts of stereotypes or distorted images, e.g. a complete loser falls in love with the most beautiful girl in school and, finally, she stays with him? Does something like this happen in reality and should we take it seriously?
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