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Options for Writing Apology Essays
Options for Writing Apology Essays
Options for Writing Apology Essays
Situations when you have to apologize for something happen in the life of every person. What about you? How many times in your life have you apologized? Are you sure your apologies were accepted?

By the way, some people find it difficult to say even “I am sorry”. If you are one of them, writing an apology essay will be a useful experience for you.

Below, you will find two options for writing apology essays.

Apology essays: option #1

So, think of any situation that might require your apologies. For instance, you were chewing a gum during classes, which made your teacher furious, and he/she asked you to leave the classroom.

Or, imagine that you are caught plagiarizing. The situation is embarrassing indeed. Write your apology essay in the form of a letter to your teacher, apologizing for such a wrongdoing of yours.

Mind that your sincerity when writing the apology essay is really important. Take time to think of an introduction for your apology essay. Explain the reasons for your actions. Apologize and say that you will never do it again (it will be the conclusion of your apology essay).

Apology essays: option #2

If you have nothing to apologize for, this option will suit you perfectly. Probably, your task is not to apologize for something but to write an essay about Plato’s The Apology. Such essay is rather a frequent assignment. So, if you have to prepare an essay about Plato’s The Apology, read this famous dialogue of the Greek philosopher. Define some debatable issues that Plato was talking about. Give your opinion about them in The Apology essay.
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