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Personal Response Essays Basic Guidelines
Personal Response Essays  Basic Guidelines
Personal Response Essays Basic Guidelines
Do you always have your own opinion on various issues and problems? Do you know how to introduce it correctly? Can you notice some flaws in papers of other people? Then, we suppose you will enjoy writing personal response essays.

If you face this task for the first time, you certainly need some basic instructions for completing personal response papers. Our veterans of writing have useful tips for you.

Purpose of writing personal response essays

You can come up with a strong paper if you know the main purpose, and your personal response essay is not an exception. So, the main purpose of writing a personal response essay is to respond to a text or some topics discussed during classes. What you need to do is introduce your impressions and show how your personal experience, knowledge, etc. affect your reading.

Main questions you need to answer when writing personal response essays

What makes a good personal response essay? If you answer the following questions, your personal response essay will be just fine:
- What do you find interesting about the text read?
- What flaws/drawbacks do you see?
- Are there some parts in the text that resemble your life?
- What parts of the text can be examples of a good writing?

Some peculiarities of writing personal response essays

Yes, writing personal response essays boils down to expressing your impressions and feelings. Still, your paper should have the main idea, should be supported with evidences and arguments. Take the following steps when preparing your personal response essay:
- Read the assigned text several times;
- Jot down questions that arouse in the course of reading;
- Define the most meaningful and expressive points that might serve as the basis for a thesis statement.
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