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Van Gogh Essays: Letís Get Ready to Rumble
Van Gogh Essays: Letís Get Ready to Rumble
Van Gogh Essays: Letís Get Ready to Rumble
Did you know that only one work of Van Gogh was sold during his lifetime? It was The Red Vineyard. Actually, that piece of art was bought by Anna Boch. And no one can say for sure whether she bought it because of pity for Van Gogh or because she admired his talent.

Of course, nowadays Van Gogh is considered one of the most well known Dutch Post-Impressionist artists. Was he so popular during his life? What do you know about him and his works? Well, guess now it is time to present interesting information about this amazing person in Van Gogh essays. So, you have to write Van Gogh essays. Right? Then continue reading.

Many students start Van Gogh essays with the following phrase: Van Gogh was born in 1853; he was a great artist, etc. Well, everyone who attended lectures (at least several times) knows these facts. This kind of information, especially if it is an introduction, will hardly interest and impress readers. Neither will it make Van Gogh essays sound interesting and captivating,
There are many mysterious facts about the artist that you can find and present in Van Gogh essays.

For example, you have probably heard that Van Gogh was mentally ill. He made several attempts to commit suicide. One day, after a quarrel with his friend Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh cut off his ear. However, people investigated that case and said that Van Gogh could not do it himself.

In Van Gogh essays, you may present other opinions about the case and offer your own version of it. Could it be Gauguin? What do researchers say? Present their points of view in Van Gogh essays.
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