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Top 10 Essay Writing Prompts
Top 10 Essay Writing Prompts
Top 10 Essay Writing Prompts
Like other kinds of written assignments, essay writing is about hundreds of questions and millions of challenges. And we can help you solve them.

In this article, we offer top 10 prompts written to help you prepare an essay. Consider them before you actually start writing your paper, and you are sure to avoid possible problems associated with essay writing.
Essay writing prompt # 1
Make sure the research question set is clear to you. If you do not understand the task, you will most likely fail your essay.
Essay writing prompt #2
Find interesting facts, quotations, or statistical data to include into your paper. Such information can make your essay interesting and will not let the reader get bored.
Essay writing prompt #3
Arrange your ideas in a logical chain before you write them down. Outline thoughts by drawing a scheme or making a plan.
Essay writing prompt #4
Make the introduction and conclusion of your essay sound powerful. These are the most important elements of an essay that can help you impress the reader. Use catchy quotations, rhetoric questions, and interesting facts for this purpose.
Essay writing prompt #5
Use an original writing style. Do you have a good sense of humor? Then, make your essay a bit comic. Are you a talented philosopher? Make your paper sound deep and philosophical.
Essay writing prompt #6
Avoid repetitions. Replace repetitions with synonyms.
Essay writing prompt #7
Do not deviate from the subject. Keep in mind the main purpose. Keep asking yourself “What should I prove in the paper? What do I aim at?”
Essay writing prompt #8
Present your own analysis but not a mere description. What is more, any assumption of yours should be well grounded.
Essay writing prompt #9
Your work will be progressing if you are involved into it. Choose any topic that is interesting to you. If a topic was specified, try to consider it from some interesting to you perspective.
Essay writing prompt #10
Never put off writing.
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