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Guidelines for Writing Essays about Books
Guidelines for Writing Essays about Books
Guidelines for Writing Essays about Books
Writing essays about books is probably one of the most fascinating tasks you may face at school. Why fascinating? Well, it seems that the process of writing essays on books brings you into some other world full of fantasy and imagination.

Unfortunately, your imagination is not enough to make a good essay about a book. However, our guidelines can help you learn writing essays on books. They are presented below.
Collect sources

The number of sources you have to use for writing essays on books depends on your academic level. Sometimes, students do not have to use any additional sources. They just write about something they strongly believe in or just express their impression of a certain book. If though, you have to use some sources, you will certainly look for them on the Web. However, you should be careful: not all Web sources are reliable!

Decide what position you will take on a problem

No matter whether your tutor specified a topic or you can choose it yourself, you have to think over the position to take. What do you think about the chosen problem? Formulate your opinion in one sentence. It will be the thesis statement of your essay about a book.

Outline your ideas

Outline the ideas you are going to discuss in essays on books. What will you discuss first, second, third, etc.?

Write your essay

Essays on books should consist of 3 main parts:

Introduction –introduce the chosen book and tell what problem you are going to investigate in your essay;
Main Body – present several arguments to support your viewpoint on the problem and give examples from the text;
Conclusion – sum up everything.

If you are not sure how to express your ideas and formulate sentences, use free essays about books online.

Editing is important, and you should not neglect it. If you do not edit, your grade might be lower than you expect.
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