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Writing Striking Essays on DNA
Writing Striking Essays on DNA
Writing Striking Essays on DNA
Do you know that serial killers can be identified by their DNA molecules? A drop of blood, sperm, or a small piece of skin is enough to distinguish one person from another. The world of DNA molecules and genes is really wonderful and unique.

This time you have a brilliant opportunity to investigate this world and find out something new. So, give thanks to your tutor who gave you this assignment to write essays on DNA!

Do you need more ideas and hints for writing essay papers on DNA? We are glad to help you by presenting several facts about DNA. You can use these facts to write striking essays on DNA.
- Carbonated Beverages Can Destroy DNA
This finding was made by Peter Piper from the University of Sheffield. The fact is that sodium benzoate (E 211) (contained in carbonated beverages) can be destructive if combined with vitamin C. Find more facts about this finding and present them in essays on DNA. Be sure, thus you will demonstrate your research and analytical abilities in essays on DNA.
- Decoding the Cancer DNA
For many years, scientists could not identify the Cancer DNA. Recently, experts-hematologists from the University of Washington have decoded the genes of a 50 years old woman ill with cancer. Discuss the significance of this discovery in essays on DNA. Do you think it can help scientists treat people? Tell what you think about it in essays on DNA.
- Practical Implementation of Knowledge about DNA in Israel
Recently, an Israeli veterinarian decided to conduct an experiment with dogs’ DNA. Dog owners were asked to gather excrements of their pets and give them to laboratories. The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the genetic illnesses of dogs and clean the environment. You can express your opinion about this experiment in essays on DNA.

Remember that your essay paper on DNA should be not only informative and interesting but also correspond to all the requirements.
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