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Hurricane Essays
Hurricane Essays
Hurricane Essays
Did you know that the deadliest US hurricane was a Category 4 storm that hit Galveston, the Texas City on September 8, 1900?

That hurricane took away the lives of more than 8,000 people by 5-meter waves and winds up to 210 km per hour. You have a splendid opportunity to investigate those events in your essay on hurricane.

To write hurricane essays about the Galveston hurricane, 1900, you need:
- Requirements of your tutor;
- General information on the Galveston hurricane;
- Statistical data on the disaster;
- Testimony of the eyewitnesses;
- Good mood.

1. You can present the following information in the essays on hurricane
A brief overview of the events
Actually, you can quote eyewitnesses at the very beginning of your essay on hurricane. It will help you make your paper more impressive. Next, introduce the problem you are going to consider. Also, present the most important statistics and facts about the Galveston hurricane.

2. Your research question
Determine the perspective to consider the Galveston hurricane from. The following research questions may be raised in hurricane essays:
- Was it possible to save more lives?
- What were the stormís origins?
- What was the Galveston hurricaneís next course?
- What safety precautions were made on the island to prevent future storms like the Galveston hurricane?

3. Testimonies of eyewitnesses
It is better to include real stories told by eyewitnesses into the body of hurricane essays. They will serve you as supporting ideas. Surf the Web to find the most emotional quotations to show the scope of the losses. You can also find the warnings that the US Weather Bureau received and analyze them in your essay on hurricane.

4. Conclusions
Based on what you investigated and came up to, you will need to draw conclusions. The conclusion of hurricane essays may also be a bit emotional. For instance, in your hurricane essay, you may say that it is much easier to investigate and talk about hurricanes when we observe them only. It is much more difficult to be an eyewitness of such disasters.
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