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Adam Smith Essays
Adam Smith Essays
Adam Smith Essays
The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith left a significant track in Philosophy; he was a moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economy. His “The Wealth of Nations” influenced modern economics and the concepts of individual freedom considerably.

You have a wonderful chance to investigate his works and share your vision of his ideas and concepts in Adam Smith essays.

We would like to present you several catchy ideas that you can develop in Adam Smith essays.

Adam Smith Essays: Idea # 1

Adam Smith was one of the greatest politicians of the XVIII century. He described the political situation of that time in his works. Investigate some of Smith’s works and analyze those ways he offered to overcome the existed crisis.

Adam Smith Essays: Idea # 2

Compare works, ideas, and concepts offered by Smith with those of Karl Marx in your Adam Smith essay. What did they think about separation of ownership? They both believed that joint-stock companies had lots of advantages. Analyze their ideas and concepts as to competition in Economy. Investigate and present these issues in Adam Smith essays.

Adam Smith Essays: Idea # 3

Analyze the ideas of economic philosophy presented by Smith in his “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.” If you have an opportunity, read this work and be sure to prepare a thrilling Adam Smith essay.

Adam Smith Essays: Idea # 4

Explain why Smith strongly believed that labor was a real source of value. Give examples from his works. Analyze the ideas offered in his “The Theory of Moral Statements.”
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