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Essays about Life
Essays about Life
Essays about Life
“A man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea.”

Joseph Conrad.

You think about the meaning of life only when you do not understand what you are living for. Right? Wrong! You started thinking after you got a task to write a short essay about life.

What is a short essay about life?

An essay about life is a paper where you are free to present any ideas about the life that you have. It may be an essay about your life or a philosophic cogitation over the essence of life. The key point of life essays is that they are readable and correspond to the basic requirements for an essay.

What does a good essay about life mean?

A good life essay is not a paper where banal things are discussed. Good life essays are exciting and involving. They intrigue, fascinate, and call certain emotions in a reader.

Topics for an Essay about Life:
What is life? Who are we?

Some great thinkers claim that our life is a dream, and we will never wake up from it. Are they right? You may also use the following quotation to start your life essay with:
- “We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep…”
William Shakespeare.

- Love and cruelty in our life
Love fills our life with meaning. It inspires, fills us from the inside with harmony and true happiness. However, life is full of cruelty. What is the meaning of cruelty in our life? Think of it and present your inference in the essay on life.

- Our place in life and the Universe
Look at the night sky full of stars. Why are we here rather than there? Why are the stars shining? Speculate upon it in your essay about life.
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