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There is some beautiful literary styles that thrive on the repeated use of words and phrases. The language is poetic and beautiful. This, however, is not an article that encourages the use of repeated words. Unless you are writing in a style that demands the use of repetition it may be in your best interest to read through your text and determine if a word or phrase is overused. Example: Bad The purpose of this exercise is to find the purpose of the repeated use o...

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Most established writers have deadlines to follow. They are either pressed to complete an article by a certain time or they have a novel or non-fiction book that must be handed in by a deadline. In each case they have either a mandatory of self-imposed daily word count they need to complete in order to finish on time. The primary components to time management for writers should encompass several things. 1. Writing - By actually identifying what your purpose is you take ...

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Freelance journalism is one of the more hectic forms of freelance writing. If you want to become a successful freelance journalist, you'll need to be comfortable with spending much time hunting down stories, traveling from place to place, and writing under short deadlines. If you enjoy all of that, and if you're interested in some of the best opportunities for personal creativity, then freelance journalism may be for you. When we talk about freelance journalism, we need t...

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Sammy: Hero or Anti-Hero There are two types of heroes; heroes and anti-heroes. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life is a hero. Similar to Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus. A main character in a dramatic or narrative work that is characterized by a lack of traditional heroic qualities, such as idealism or courage is an anti-hero.

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(1890-1976), Man Ray was born in Philadelphia, American photographer, and leading figure in the artistic avant-garde in Paris of the 1920s. He studied at the National Academy of Design in New York City, and held his first one-man show of paintings in 1912. With his friend, the French painter Marcel Duchamp, he helped to found the New York City Dada group in 1917. Under Duchamp's influence, he began to work with new materials and techniques, for example, painting with an airbrush on glass and other surfaces.

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Jenny don’t know what love is. But really Jenny is the one that doesn’t know

what love is. Then Jenny starts to try to get a ride She is running away from

Forrest. Then Forrest tells her he is going to Vietnam. Jenny stops and looks at

him then tells him not to be brave if you’re in trouble or danger run. Forrest

writes her letters everyday and then he signs every letter with Love Forrest.

But Jenny sends them all back.

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Born Eric Blair in India in 1903, George Orwell was educated as a scholarship student at prestigious boarding schools in England. Because of his background—he famously described his family as “lower-upper-middle class”—he never quite fit in, and felt oppressed and outraged by the dictatorial control that the schools he attended exercised over their students' lives.

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Community Service Essay
A community service essay can be a source of inspiration for students who realize their responsibility and suggest ways to improve quality of life in their community. It could provide the direction they can take to serve public interest. Service could take different forms. It depends on an individual’s position within a community.

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Essay Starter
An essay starter can assist writers with ready reference on all the essential ingredients to compile an essay. They use standard methods to write, including following a style guide, instructions on how to write on different subjects, and how to connect different elements to compile an effective essay. Different subjects need different approaches. Writers have the advantage of referring to essay examples on different topics. These examples would have incorporated all the standard norms included in the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay.

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Argumentative Essay Examples
Argumentative essay examples can be referred to whenever writers have a problem establishing their point of view in an argumentative essay. The idea is to be able to inform readers convincingly about a point of view and then influence them to accept it. This is not an easy task, especially if the writer has taken a rigid stand about a topic commonly discussed among readers. Convincing readers becomes the primary role of the writer. It can be effective if the appropriate argumentative essay format is in place.

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Compelling Definition Essay Topics
Definition essay topics should be able to explain in detail the meaning or definition of a term or terms clearly. Choosing the right topics which introduce such terms is therefore important. Generally, a new topic could be describing new discoveries or concepts in your definition essay. Each of these would have attributes or characteristics that are unique to them. If you continue without defining these concepts or attributes, readers might get confused, especially if new terms are attributed to them. There could be innumerable topics which hold such terms. Let us examine some of them.

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Learn To Write A Unique Translation Essay
A translation essay can be unique in the way it presents the information. A language is a medium of communication. You express yourself while speaking in a particular language. It is therefore the easiest form of communication, especially verbal communication. When we turn to putting down our thoughts on paper, difficulties start creeping in. It could be due to lack of practice, compiling your thoughts into writing or finding it difficult to bridge the gap between verbal and written communication. It is therefore an art to be able to write a translation essay.

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Essay on Wealth
Tocqueville once stated, “The wealthy have little desire to govern the working people, they simply want to use them.” Social Class is defined as a social stratum whose members share certain economic, social, or cultural characteristics: the higher, middle, and lower-income classes. Redistribution of Wealth is the ‘Robin Hood’ of the real world, where the government “steals” from the rich and gives to the poor. I believe that Redistribution of Wealth can help benefit our country, so that we can all hope for a better tomorrow.

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College Essay Topics
College essays are the most crucial essays in a student’s life as they have a great effect on one’s future. Gaining seats in college is getting harder day-by-day as the number of applicants for a single seat are increasing. So, the only way to improve your chances to get into a college of your choice is by writing an outstanding personal essay as a part of the college application.

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Sports Celebrity Advertising
Advertisers often spend heavy amount of dollars yearly on celebrity endorsers, with the aim of pressuring consumers’ insights and purchase objectives. Celebrities around the world prepare advertisements believable and aid in the recognition of brands, increase message, generate a constructive attitude on the way to the product and construct a separate character for the authorized brand. Eventually, celebrities backing are supposed to cause a greater chance of customers preferring the endorsed item, and memorandums conveyed by eminent personalities reach a high scale of interest and recall for various customers.

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Persuasive Essay Outline
We are always worried about the fact that writing essays require so many facets of structuring the article. However, it is also important that you specifically target the system of writing that will involve your goal. A persuasive essay outline can therefore lead to a better approach in composing an effective article.

How to write essay outlines involves that first concern of what topic to discuss. Of course, you need to present a good subject that will enable you to convey the arguments which are going to persuade your readers.

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Basic Tips to Write a Biology Essay
A biology essay means writing about the various life processes seen all around us. The essay will explain in details about the flora and fauna, that are a part of the living world. It may involve writing about microscopic organisms to the largest living mammal, that is a whale. So a biology essay is wide in its scope. Depending on the topic this essay type may also vary. If one is writing a paper on stem cell research, this may fall under the controversial research topics and one will have to write accordingly. Similarly one may be assigned to write a cause and effect essay on the problem of environmental pollution.

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Easy Steps To Write a Cancer Research Paper
Writing a cancer research paper is very demanding. Still, a research paper on cancer will definitely make you the apple of your professor’s eye as it is a very complicated task. You might have tons and tons of study material and a lot of references and stuff to go through but at the end of a very long day it might be frustrating to stare at the very same blank page you started, trying to come up with a suitable title for your essay! The first step begins at trying to find the best topic and when you have that fixed in your mind; you have trouble finding an apt title to go with the topic.

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Academic Essay Report Writing
An academic essay report is a reasoned discussion of the topic of your study. It can be written in four main forms: research, portfolio, research report, reflective account. Academic essay success is based on choosing right ways of writing for each of these types. Report writing is a very important skill for professionals in every field: accountants, teachers, graphic designers, information scientists. A report aims to inform as clearly and briefly as possible.

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Free Ideas for the Atomic Bomb Essays
Free Ideas for the Atomic Bomb Essays
The atomic bomb… It is one of the most dangerous and devastating inventions of the humankind. From the very first days of its invention, the issue of the atomic bomb, its use, and enormous destructive power has been discussed from all the possible perspectives. Now you also have to say a few words about it.

So, you need to write an atomic bomb essay. This task seems to be both easy and complicated. Atomic bomb essays are easy to complete, since you will not lack materials and reliable sources to prepare a good piece of writing. Still, your task is complicated, since choosing the right topic for your atomic bomb essay might be challenging.

Definitely, discussing the ways the bomb was created or its basic components is not the right thing to do in the atomic bomb essays. Then, what worthwhile issues can you discuss in the atomic bomb essays?

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