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How to get a book deal without being scammed is a hurdle for any writers. Publishers Are Not Exempt From Questionable Practices. Keep These Warning Signs in Mind Charges a fee to read your manuscript. You are providing the product for them to sell. Why should you have to pay to see if they are interested in your work? Offers subsidy contracts (you pay them to have your book published) when they promote themselves as commercial publishers. Are POD (publish-on-demand...

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Twenty thousand years ago during the time of the last ice age period, many

colossal mammals roamed North America. They survived during the times when much of

the earth was covered by immense large bodies of ice that buried forests, fields, and

mountains, but rapidly became extinct after the ice began to retreat and melt. Since then

the human race has introduced many different theories to explain the extinction of these

large mammals.

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In "Miss Brill," "The Chrysanthemums" and "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" each female protagonists has an insight about them self. They each learn something new about the world they live in. The three women who are discussed in these stories have lived very uneventful lives and are just thriving for something to happen.

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If you do not have much time for thinking over your essay or you just forgot about this task provided by your professor, you may address internet sites and order some appropriate samples. Then, you are taking risk of plagiarism so that your essay could spoil your grade. Forget about that, as there are methods of quick writing that could teach you write quick essays. Such skills will be useful for writing tests where time really matters.

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Essential Research Paper Activities
Students have to undertake various research paper activities to successfully complete a project. Essential research paper steps helps save valuable time, provides a better way to understand concepts, and helps complete the research paper logically and precisely. Each activity has its importance when trying to complete an assignment. All of them are linked to each other and have to be completed in a sequence that follows the outline of the essay.

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Undergraduate Admission Essay – Your Route To Success
An undergraduate admission essay should be your key to getting admission to the undergraduate program of your choice. With so many schools and colleges worldwide offering you education, it sometimes becomes difficult to know what type of admission essay needs to be submitted for assessment. Each college or university has its own way of working and arriving at conclusions while selecting candidates. There is a common factor though. Most of them ask aspiring candidates to write an admission essay. You need to be aware of tips that can help you prepare for one of the most important essays you would be writing.

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The Essence Of A Philosophy Essay
A philosophy essay has always had a powerful effect on people to respond to certain questions that society posed as a problem. Situations arise suddenly to affect the fabric of society in a way that people react spontaneously following a pattern that evokes behavior that is deep rooted. Interpersonal relations are based on trust and social norms which have been set through the ages.

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Essay on Snow Falling on Cedars
The aim of literature is to entertain and inform. We see this in the novel “Snow Falling on Cedars” by David Guterson. Guterson uses stylistic language techniques to capture the reader and involve them in the text. By integrating flash backs into the murder mystery genre, the characters are made three dimensional, and the reader becomes involved. The story informs the reader by integrating important themes into the text.

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[thumb=left]http://freeessaycollection.com/uploads/posts/2010-12/1293654515_dThroughout the nation and our world people are suffering from this disease. Depression effects people of both genders, all ages, and any background. People once believed that teens never went through any form of severe depression. Some still believe this to be true, but if it were why are teens homicidal and suicidal? This report should give support for the fact that a teen’s depression deserves attention, not the shrug of the shoulders or the turn of a back.epression.jpg[/thumb]

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Why Marriages Fail?
The marriage is considered to be the combination of two lives for passing the Life span with mutual interest. According to an other saying Husband and the wife are considered the wheels of vehicle if any one of them faces problems; the other will likely suffer the same.
There are two types of marriages prevalent in the world. The First one is Love marriage and the other one is arranged marriage. In western countries mostly the love marriages are preferred over the arranged marriages because they have open society norms. But in Eastern Countries mostly the marriages are arranged by the parents of the boys and girls. The nature and problems of the marriages vary from the type of society.

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Examples of a Research Proposal
A research proposal is something that you need if you are to write an article with research contents. Usually, we can see a proposal of students who will be composing their dissertations, thesis papers or even term papers. However, for an essay, the same proposal may be applicable especially if you want to establish a certain idea or claim. That is why it is necessary that you know where to get examples of a research proposal.

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Opinion Essays to Share Your Views
An opinion essay entails that the writer presents his personal views supported by reasons and evidences in such a manner that it gives an insight into the mind and thinking capabilities of the author. Opposing viewpoints must also be presented in the essay and by means of proper arguments shown that they are unconvincing. In this essay type there will be an introduction that will state the topic and present the opinion of the writer. The main body generally consisting of three or more paragraphs, will have the opinion or view point discussed in greater detail and supported by evidences and reasons.

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MBA Essay for College Admission – Prepare to Evaluate Yourself
A college application essay is something most students are scared of. It is an aspect that is completely in the hands of the student and yet they are bothered most, by it. This is because application essays often become a major deciding factor in getting an admission into the college. Often an average student who has written an excellent essay may get through easily , while someone with a brilliant academic record may be left out in the cold , if he writes a lower than average essay. Similarly writing a MBA essay for the admission purpose is also something which one must tackle well.

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MLA Research Paper Writing
Research paper writing involves a lot of exploration on the chosen theme and also correct formatting as per the format type prescribed by the instructor. There are four main types of format pattern followed for academic purposes. These are the MLA format, APA format, Chicago format and the Harvard format. The MLA research paper format also known as the Modern Language Association of America is used mainly for writing papers on arts and humanities. This style of writing is followed mainly in the United States and Canada.

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MBA Essay Editing
Academic essay writing is essential process, however, there is no point in writing without editing. Application essay is extremely important piece of writing. It is a ticket to dreams fulfillment. That is why, each student should pay special attention to comming up with ideas, organizing thoughts and editing. MBA essay editing takes as much efforts as essya writing. Due to cut-throat competition among applicants, excellent scores and great recommendations are not enough for entering a school of the dream. Greatly written, well-structured and error free application essay is a must.

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Essays on Time Management: How to Hand in your Paper on Time
Essays on Time Management: How to Hand in your Paper on Time
“It is 6 p.m. now. O.k., so I have to visit the gym, get my clothes washed, call a friend, read that book till the end for tomorrow’s class. Oh yes, and write an essay. What is the topic?”

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Persuasive Speech Essays: How to Make Your Paper Stand Out
Persuasive Speech Essays: How to Make Your Paper Stand Out
You are given a task to prepare a persuasive speech essay, which makes you puzzled a little. Do you think you need to write something like essays on speeches? Definitely, no! What you will have to deal with is a typical persuasive speech, which so many people believe to be a challenging task to prepare.

Yet, you do not have to worry, because writing persuasive speech essays is not that complicated as you think. At least, if you know some secrets of how to make a persuasive speech essay stand out, it will not be a problem for you.

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Sell Essays, Get Rid of Unnecessary Papers, and Earn Money
Sell Essays, Get Rid of Unnecessary Papers, and Earn Money
We are sure that an idea to sell essays comes to minds of many students. What is the purpose of having piles of papers in your room that you will never use? Definitely, it is quite logical to sell your essays, get your benefit, and help some other guys.

However, as far as we know, not that many students sell their essays. There are two most common reasons for that:
- You do not know whether it is legal to sell your essays;
- You do not know how to do it.

Well, these problems can easily be solved, and we will help to sell your essays successfully.

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Essay on Crime and Punishment: Discussing the Right to Punish
When we are exhausted and helpless, we become vulnerable and uncontrollable. The same happened with Raskolnikov, the main hero of Dostoevsky’ novel Crime and Punishment, who killed a greedy pawnbroker. He believed that this murder would bring more benefits for society.

The hero was confident that his action was justified and that there existed a human’s right to kill in the pursuit of nobler and higher purposes. The above problems provoke numerous questions and topics to be discussed in an essay on crime and punishment.

Possible problems to be revealed in an essay on crime and punishment:

1. Essays on crime and punishment can describe a psychological portrait of Raskolnikov who is one of the most versatile personalities in the novel. Outline the main reason that, in your opinion, triggered the hero to commit this horrible crime in your essay on crime and punishment.
2. An essay on crime and punishment is also the story about remorse and humility. In the end of the novel, the protagonist resorts to an ascetic life as if feeling his guilt for what has been done.
3. It would be interesting if you dedicate your essay on crime and punishment to the consideration of ethical and moral problems with regard to theoretical frameworks that are morally bound. In particular, you can analyze Raskolnikov’s action through the perspective of Kantian ethics in your essay on crime and punishment, according to which an action is morally justified in case it was initially meant as good. Choosing this subject area will have much in store for consideration in your essay on crime and punishment.
4. Finally, you can also disclose certain religious aspects hidden within the context of the novel in your essay on crime and punishment. Try to reveal what an author implies when writing this literary masterpiece in your essay on crime and punishment.

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Essays on the Vietnam War: Writing about the Most “Misunderstood Event”
Then-President Richard Nixon called the Vietnam War “the most misunderstood event in American history”. Yet, how else can that war be called? It is surrounded by so many myths, controversial issues, and contradictory opinions.

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