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Essay on Bank Manager
The career that I have chosen to research is the Bank Manager. The bank

manager has to have excellent people and communication skills, also they have to be

outgoing. A bank manager has many duties such as making recommendations for

employee raises and promotions. They also answer any questions, concerns, or deal with

complaints that tellers or customers have, and they make sure the customers are satisfied

with their banking experience. Bank managers keep the entire bank or trust company

working smoothly by supervising the customer service representatives and regularly

evaluating them.

Years ago, you could be promoted from bank teller to bank manager with only a

highschool diploma and you would get your training as you went. But now a days you

need a college diploma or a university degree, and at least two years of experience in

banking or business. Some school programs that you could take are; business

administration, economics or other related business courses. To become a bank manager

you would need some experience in managing and some banks require you to have

professional licenses, and certification from the Institute of Canadian Bankers. Most

banks offer a 12-month training program. Some banks like the Royal Bank look for

graduates from different school programs other than business, like; computer science,


communication, science and agriculture.

One place to get the proper training for a bank managerial career is the University

of British Columbia in Vancouver and the course is faculty of commerce and business


Other places to get proper training are Canadian Bankers Association in Toronto, Trust

Companies Association of Canada also in Toronto, and The Institute of Canadian Bankers

National Office in Montreal.

Bank managing jobs are mostly found in larger urban areas. There are more than

3,200 financial institutions in Canada and banks alone employed 221,000 people in 1998.

The work prospects for banks in the near future are good.
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