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I was browsing online the other day and discovered the news about a first time novelist who had recently published a book telling the story of an African tribe suffering the loss of land and identity. Her story is based on her true-life experiences and research. She?s even donating a portion of the book?s profits to a charity that helps the displaced people. Her whole story sounded intriguing. However, when I looked for her web site--I couldn?t find it. What a shame, I tho...

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Overview Incomplete User Documents disappoint your Readers. Two attitudes of many Technical Writers result in incomplete User Documents. These two attitudes are: . "Everyone Knows That", and . "The User Can Figure It Out" This article describes these attitudes and presents methods for overcoming them. The result is more effective User Documents and more satisfied Users. 1. "Everyone Knows That" The "Everyone Knows That" attitude makes assumptions about your ...

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A decalogue for a good maintenance of fountain pens, extract from the Stipula's experience.

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Lodz Ghetto, the second largest ghetto in Europe, and was often referred to as the gargetto. It

was considered the central ghetto in the Wartheland, Poland area. Lodz was unique in one aspect. The Jews

of the Lodz Ghetto were "privilaged" to see the Jewish nation crumble before them. From Lodz they found

out about many of their fellow Jews being killed in the concentration camps and others being killed right in

thier own homes. They were one of the last ghettos still standing.

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The Birthmark is a story filled with allegory, foreshadowing, and moral lessons. Hawthorne uses these tools not only to prepare the reader for what is to come in the story but to warn the reader of the consequences that follow reckless and selfish behavior. Hawthorne uses his characters as instruments to fulfill his motives. Hawthorne s characters can also be paralleled to people living in modern times. The quest to obtain perfection is littered throughout modern culture.

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Functions of Public Relations
Although this is useful - it contains many key concepts - and saves us plugging through hundreds of definitions, it describes what PR does rather than what it is. Or, indeed, should be. described the attempts to define public relations as largely "constructed in an attempt to be all things to all people simultaneously".

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Express Yourself With A Political Essay
A political essay gives you the liberty to express yourself in an environment that is generally very volatile. In this time and age, we see that violence has taken over our lives even if we are not directly involved in it. A political society has an inherent system that abhors violence and allows people to live in peace with each other. But over time, the fabric of peace and patience has been torn apart, and man has been left to fend for himself. Your essay can play a major role in creating awareness for peace in this world. It can also talk about other aspects of politics that can stabilize society.

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Essay Writing Made Easy
Essay writing is an art that you can master with practice and following certain guidelines. If you are really interested in expressing yourself, then writing an essay could be the best way to do it. You do have to follow certain norms that dictate how you present an essay. These rules have been established over a period of time and have proved very effective in conveying the right message if presented properly. Here are some guidelines that good essay writers use to produce those very interesting essays. By the way you can always buy an essay from a custom writing company

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The Crucible Essay
Different people interpret things differently. Many things can influence such an interpretation. To understand this concept two different reviews of the film “The Crucible” will be examined. These two reviews will demonstrate that texts, in this case, “The Crucible”, can be read differently. Both reviews have distinctive elements of style and focus on different aspects of the text. While both reviews have pragmatic values, commending the actors on their performances, the two reviews focus on separate aspects of the film.

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Elie Wiesel Essay
Elie Wiesel “was born on September 30, 1928 in Sighet, Transylvania, which is now known as Romania.” (The Story of Elie Wiesel, 2003) He grew up speaking in different kind of languages. He “spoke Yiddish at home, Hungarian, Romanian and German in public.” (The Hall of Public Service, 2003) Elie had 2 older sisters and 1 younger sister. Elie loved mystical, traditional and folk tales of the Hassidic sect of Judaism. When going to school, Elie learned how to speak in Hebrew. Elie’s father in the time, encouraged Elie to study the modern Hebrew language and concentrate on his secular studies.

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Published in 1955, “Lolita” deals with the uncommon erotic predilections of the aging scholar Humbert Humbert, the book’s narrator-protagonist (RandomHouse.ca “About this Book”). It is a tragic comedy story of Humbert’s pedophilic obsession with the “nymphet” Dolores Haze whom he would rather call by the name Lolita.
Annabel Leigh is Humbert’s original nymphet obsession. In fact, the divorced scholar ascribes his “nympholoespy” or lifelong passion as having been triggered by his losing his childhood sweetheart Leigh. Charlotte Haze, despite the fact that he married her, was not really Humbert’s idea of a nymphet primarily because of the biological age factor and her mature love marked by possessive passion (Chia-chin Tsai 68).

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A Cursory Look at Safety in American Schools
School safety has become a hot issue that it is being discussed with a lot of emotion. Fear of violence occurring in school has gripped most schools in America and generally the world over. Even then, there are varied responses to perceived increase of school violence. Many schools have responded to the increase in school violence in a variety of ways. To improve safety, many schools have implemented measures such as installation of monitoring security equipment. Everybody in a school community has a responsibility in creating and maintaining safety (Chaddock 2000).

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Tourism Essay and Topics You can Utilize
Why some students are having a hard time thinking of their essay topics? Essentially, the topic interest of an article influences the overall appeal of the paper. If you have a lame topic, then don’t expect so many people to read your work. Now, one suggestion that I would like you to get is to write a tourism essay. Yes, if only you can utilize such a topic and provide useful information to the readers, then your paper will become more interesting than it should be. Sure I can write a tourism essay but what topics should I utilize as your essay writing tip?

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MLA format paper – Non-Science Articles
The many types of essay topics available may confuse a writer what format of citation to use. Technically, there are at least three major systems of writing when it comes to citations, the APA, MLA and Harvard. But for this article, let us simply talk about the main characteristics of an MLA format paper.

An essay in MLA format paper should follow three categorical instructions of writing. The first is pagination. IN an MLA format, you need to put your last name followed by the page number at the upper right hand corner of each page.

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Research Paper Introduction – Give a Perfect Introduction and Win Over Your Reader at Once
Research paper writing is undertaken by students doing thesis work or other higher studies that involve a lot of exploration and in depth study in their areas of work and research. A research paper generally consist of a cover page, an abstract, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Often a research paper is preceded by the presentation of a research paper proposal. In that case one needs to know how to write research proposal well so that it gets passed in one go and one can then proceed to the main thesis work.

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Types of Essay Formats–Essential Elements of Essay Writing
There are mainly four types of essay formats which are followed for the various types of academic essay writing like research paper writing, term paper writing etc. Essay format is an essential element in the chapter of essay writing and without it, an essay written would be incomplete and therefore of no use.

The different types of essay formats are:

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Synthesis Essay – Mix And match But See That They Gel Together

Synthesis essay as the name suggests is a writing in which a single topic or a specific idea is explored or researched by examining multiple ideas or concepts on that topic. So it will be a combination of different ideas from various sources which the writer will have to critically analyze. So it will involve the nature of a critical essay along with an analytical essay and frame them correctly within the outlines of a synthesis essay.

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3 Dissertation Questions that All Students Want to Answer
3 Dissertation Questions that All Students Want to Answer
Sure, when it comes to writing dissertations, students have tons of dissertation questions and problems they do not know how to solve. However, some of those dissertation questions are more important, others you will be able to answer in the course of writing and researching. The main thing you should keep in mind is that there are no dissertation questions that could not be answered or difficulties that could not be managed.

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Short Essays: Everything You Wanted to Know
Short Essays: Everything You Wanted to Know
A short essay is a common assignment for secondary and high school students, but college students may also get this task. What is so special about this kind of essays? What should you keep in mind? How to learn writing the best short essays?

If you lack experience in writing short essays, we advise you to start with checking free samples of short essays. Pay attention to the way they are organized, proper short essay format, the number of words, etc.

In this article, we also want to give you several useful hints on how to write short essays.

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World History Essays: Choosing from a Great Variety of Topics
Students studying World History have to deal with a huge variety of topics, starting from 8,000 B.C. to the present days. It is pretty natural that you feel seriously puzzled when it comes to writing a World History essay. What specific issue from that wide range of historical topics should you choose? Which of the World History essay questions should you answer?

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