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OVERVIEW People are visual creatures. They look at your product, and see, for example, a button or display. They want to find out about that control or indicator. A Visual Index is a simple but powerful document access tool that enables your Readers to find the information that they want. This article describes the Visual Index concept and tells how to create one for your document. A VISUAL INDEX A Visual Index is a picture of your product or process with links to...

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There are two specific, yet lofty goals writers strive for every time they commit words to paper. That goal is to write in such a way as to draw their readers into the written word. If this goal is in fictional writing the author wants the reader to become so absorbed in the story that they are both satisfied, yet sad to see the story end. If this goal is in non-fiction the writer accomplishes the objective by relating details in a way that leaves the reader interested ...

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The makers of the world's most recognized pencil continue to change the shape of writing. It's a triangular shaped pencil that eases writing stress by allowing maximum surface contact between the pencil and the fingers.

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Women in today's military serve in more jobs and constitute the largest percent of women in the military they ever have. Four years ago women only made up 12 percent of the military, this has climbed from 1.6 percent in 1973 (Armed Forces and Society, 1996, p. 17). They also hold more jobs than ever before. In 1991, congress passed an amendment which allowed women to fly fixed wing and rotary wing combat aircraft in the military (Harvard International Review, 1992, 52). The military has also opened more combat support jobs in an effort get more women to join the military. Virtually every job is open to women in the military; infantry, submarines, and artillery are the only ones that are still off limits (Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 1996, p. 368).

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Everyone is put in this world without a choice. We donít have a choice of parents. We donít have a choice of what we are going to look like. We also canít choose the location we want to grow up in. We donít have any choice at all when we are born. People have to just take what they get and try to live with what they have. I personally didnít like the place I was raised but did I have any choice? I had to adapt to the environment in which I was raised. My first house I ever lived in wasnít a good one. Experiences I had living there will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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The Iliad is a poem divided into twenty-four books, about Troy, written in the late

eighth or early seventh century B. C. by Homer. The saga is about the tenth year of a war

between the Greeks and the Trojans, around 1200 B. C. , and takes place before the city of


While the Greeks are stood by the walls of Troy, the King, Agamemnon, does not

want to return his captive Chryseis to the priest of Apollo, her father. As the Greeks

persevere in their demand, Agamemnon finally agrees, but takes Briseis from Achilleus in

her place. Therefore, both Achilleus and his men withdraw from the fight against the


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Thomas Edison Essays: He Did not Invade other Countries
Yes, Thomas Alva Edison was not an outstanding military leader or an influential politician. He did not invade other countries and people. He was not involved in some secret political intrigues. He did not discover new places or participated in the expeditions to the North Pole. However, the heritage of Thomas Edison is no less important. At the end of the 19th century, his inventions were real breakthroughs that changed the world dramatically.

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Finland Business Profile essay
Through overlooking European economy the Finish economy and its increasing rate draws our attention. Finland as the 6th largest country in Europe is big and vivid part of European economy which consolidates the financial power of eU. In this paper I would like to present some facts that supports my point and prohibits the components of Finish economy such as globalization of Finish production.

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Essay Layout
Creating an essay layout is an important step towards compiling an essay that meets the requirements of a style guide or course instructions. Students often dread the thought of attempting a layout, considering it a difficult task. The purpose of writing an essay is to be able to express a point of view to readers about a topic. In school and colleges, students are given the topic and asked to elaborate on it.

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Personal Essay Format
A personal essay format is usually written as an introduction to essay writing or for definite reasons like college admission and job applications. At first, students learn to write about themselves through their experiences in school, home and among friends. They develop writing skills as they progress in school and are ready to write on different topics. To get into college, students would have to write an entrance exam which includes writing a personal essay as per specifications. This would be one of the most important essays written in their student career.

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Do You Know How To Write An Archaeology Essay?
An archaeology essay is written with method and purpose. It has to uncover and present stories that relate to prehistoric times. Archaeology seeks to connect and identify human cultures through the ages with the current times. it then documents the information through meticulous study and adds it to previous links to close the gap between cultures.

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Open Field Farming Essay
Open field farming was a system, which included the village and the people that were living there. Most people that were living in the village owned a strip of land, which they would look after and grow crops on, usually the same crop as the other strip owners. Each strip usually had two to four wide ridges.

Common land was for everyone who farmed land and the more land they owned the more animals they could have on the common land.

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History as a School Subject
Experience and Advantages in Examining History as a School Subject
The May, 2006 unveiling of Al Goreís, An Inconvenient Truth, caused an explosive interest in global warming. In January, 2007 the documentary was ranked the third highest grossing documentary and in February, 2007 the film won an Oscar (Hogue, 2007). The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change released a report stating that global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide have increased significantly as a result of human activities since 1750. Currently exceeding pre-industrial values as determined from ice cores spanning many thousand years (Intergovernmental, 2007).

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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay
Some teachers will require their students to write a 5 paragraph essay. This is a case when they want to evaluate the skills of the students by having restrictions in writing. It may have different effects to the students but how to write a 5 paragraph essay should be well understood. Let us prepare you with this writing task.
How to write a 5 paragraph essay is really simple. Although it seems intimidating at first, you will soon realize that the number of paragraph is simply a guide for you. This way, you wonít have to write more and more words just to satisfy the number of terms in the essay. It may also mean that you will have a definite goal in writing the number of paragraphs in the essay. How do we get started?

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Essay Plot
An essay plot is usually identified among the essays that are narrative in form. This is like capturing the true essence of the story because you want to analyze whatís in store for the readers to know in the essay. Narrative essays are those that tell a story to the readers. Therefore, these essays have property segments like the essay plot. But what is an essay plot and how do we analyze it?
The plot of a story is the overall sequence of events and how they are arranged to make a sensible conclusion, something like an essay summary goal. It is the drama of the story that lets the readers become engaged to read up to the end.

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History Research Paper Topics
The articles written according to history topics may be seen as boring documents. But in order to make your articles more attractive, we can provide you with some general guidelines on what history research paper topics to utilize.

Personalities-As the first essay example , you can actually write about the different personalities involved in historical events. From presidents to revolutionaries, tribe chiefs to great international personalities, you can write about the different profiles of these people that will highlight their contributions that shaped world history.

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Critical Essay Samples: a Good Point to Start with
Critical Essay Samples: a Good Point to Start with
If critical essay writing is something you deal with for the first time, you definitely need a good writing model. By the way, do you know what a critical essay is all about? Probably, we should start with brief explanations.

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Soil Erosion Essays: Discussing How to Stop the Problem
Soil Erosion Essays: Discussing How to Stop the Problem
Are you stuck with your soil essay? Your teacher just gave you this assignment and told that you can cover any soil-related aspect.

Well, this is great! You are not limited to something specific, and there are really a lot of things to talk about in papers on soil, starting from gardening to soil erosion.

By the way, what do you know about soil erosion? Do you not think that preparing a soil erosion essay is a good idea? If you find this topic interesting, we are glad to help you make an excellent essay.

Soil erosion essays: how to start

Better start with a definition of such phenomenon as soil erosion. In a few words, this process can be defined as the removal of soil material by wind, running water, or gravitation creep.

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Writing an Impressive UC Admission Essay
UC Admission Essay prompts require the applicants write two essays as their personal statement. There are three essay prompts and freshman applicants are required to answer one prompt designed for them and the general prompt that has to be answered by both the freshman and transfer students. There is one separate prompt for transfer students in addition to the common prompt. The students shall study the prompts and select the topics that answer these essay prompts. Students should try to give the best answers to the questions that the admissions officers have coined through the essay question.

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300 Words about the Worth of Writing Services for Students
The idea to check student level of knowledge by means of essay or other academic paper writing is not new, and it is usually hard to avoid this kind of activity. However, such urgency of writing makes the development of numerous online writing services possible and, what is more important, rather profitable. Have you already used some writing services to complete an assignment in time?

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