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The articles are the life and bread of a website that is dealing with traffic for revenue generation. The quality articles will be responsible for the traffic on the website. There is also another side to this where you can change the fortunes by simple adding a few keywords to the otherwise seemingly normal article to make it more innovative. But to do that we need to address that elusive question in how spelling and grammar is important for a good article to be written. ...

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OVERVIEW Stop confusing your Reader with the words you use. Your Reader is trying his/her best to understand how your product works without having to figure out your writing. Here are some writing guidelines to help you stop baffling your Reader. SAME CONCEPT: SAME WORDS User Documents are not meant to be entertaining. Do not try to be creative, especially by using synonyms for specific concepts in your product. When you talk about a topic use the exact same wording ...

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Emphysema-Emphysema is a disease that causes the alveoli (the tiny air sacs where the air meets the blood in your lungs) not to work properly. This means not as much oxygen can get into the blood of the person, and it makes breathing difficult. Because the blood isn't getting as much oxygen as it is supposed to, the body cells aren't getting the oxygen they need to release the energy in food. A person with emphysema can't exercise at all, because the lungs aren't able to supply enough oxygen. A person with severe emphysema can't even go for a walk without running out of breath.

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The Terminal Man was about the

neuropsychiatric section of a hospital doing a breakthrough

surgery to help reverse the effects of psychomotor epilepsy.

The patient's name was Harry Benson. Harry had

psychomotor epilepsy because he hit his head in a car

accident and it resulted in brain damage. Harry was a good

subject for the operation because he was brilliant, being a

computer programmer with top level government security


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Seneca are among the most respected and feared. The Seneca are culturally similar to their Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, an Mohawk confederates. The five tribes were known as the Five Nations or the League of Five Nations. Sometime between 1715 and 1722 the Tuscaroras from North Carolina joined the confederacy and changed the name to the Six Nations.

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Recidivism and Probation
Houghton Mifflin defines recidivism as the phenomenon of a person repeating a lapse of a previous pattern of undesirable behavior (Mifflin 699). The term is most frequently used when referring to substance abuse and criminal behavior. Studies have shown that only one percent of serious crimes are committed by people over sixty, making age the most reliable predictor of recidivism (Welsch 52).

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Malayalam Essay
A Malayalam essay would be a routine writing assignment for a local in the Southern state of Kerala in India. It would, however, take a bit of time for language-study students trying to write an essay on the culture or beauty of Kerala, fondly called God’s own country. The language is widely spoken among people from the state who have spread across to other countries.

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Scholarship Application Essay
A scholarship application essay can actually be a ticket to a reputed college or university. The admission process involves fulfilling criteria regarding academic qualifications. With competition so tight, many apply with similar credentials. It therefore becomes very difficult for an admission panel to select candidates. Eventually they resort to the scholarship essay to find deserving students.

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Custom Essay
A custom essay on any topic is more of an expression of a writer’s point of view. An essay writing exercise can be stimulating, if one is able to express oneself with conviction and flair. The topic could be either given to students or they could choose it themselves. There is a pattern which they must follow though to be able to write a good essay. It does take a while before getting all the elements right, but students usually have to start writing custom essays at some stage. Here are some tips which could be used to write with a unique flair.

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Communication Essay – Effective Communication Skills
A communication essay should always serve the purpose of interacting with an audience. People throughout the world connect with others using verbal communication, telephone, internet, interactive TV, and other mediums of communication. An essay on communication has a limited audience, but it should be directed towards a large audience. If it succeeds in presenting information effectively, it serves its purpose. The essay could be persuasive, analytical, or descriptive. The writer is more in focus here. Writing skills come to the fore, and writers who have the unique ability to communicate on a personal level with the audience always succeed.

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Oedipus Rex Essay
Greek tragic dramas are based on myths and are representations of human dilemmas, which often formed on conflicts between men and gods. The Oedipal myth was transformed into a compelling theatrical work, “Oedipus Rex”, by Sophocles. As conventional in Greek tragedies, Oedipus is portrayed as a heroic protagonist, led to his downfall by his tragic flaw, ‘hubris’, error of judgement, ‘hamartia’, and most importantly, fate. Symbolism reflects Oedipus’ entrapment by fate and foreshadows his future.

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Management in Japan
Management in Japan, as well as in any other country, reflects its historical features, culture and public psychology. It is directly connected with social and economic setup of the country. Japanese methods of management are radically distinct from European and American. It doesn’t mean that the Japanese operate more effectively. It is possible to tell more likely, that main principles of the Japanese and European management lay in different planes, having a few points of crossing.

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University Admission Essay
We all want to enter college. However, not all people will have the privilege to have that dream come true because of some reasons. As an applicant, you must learn how to write a good university admission essay so that you can increase your chances of getting admitted to the university where you would like to study at.

Essay writing will always be a part of our lives. In this case, it is also possible that an essay can become your stepping stone to achieve your dream of having college education. So what is the necessary info that I should know in composing an admission essay?

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Business Essay – The Approach to do Business
Who uses a business essay ? Basically, there are some companies that employ the use of business essays for their trade decisions. Sometimes, they would like to get the inputs of the academic sector before they take huge steps in terms of producing more profitable commodities for selling. Today, let us discuss some of the most common types of business topics which are usually found among essays written by business course students.

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A Model Essay to Form Your Essay Outline
What are model essays? As the very name suggest, they consist of good essays written in the correct formatting and without any errors. In other words, an essay which one can use to form an outline and base his writing on. A model essay will be written in a five paragraph format, will be well researched, well organised, logical and comprehensive.

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Guide To Know How to Make a Research Paper
It is absolutely necessary for every student to know and learn how to make a research paper because you will definitely be asked to turn in many during your studies. If and only if you research paper is good in terms of presentation, content and format, you will get proper grades and the marks for your research paper will affect your final grades. Writing a research paper involves a lot of work and can be very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Before even search for the topic, you should first learn the components of research paper because the components are going to play a huge role in your paper.

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Research Paper Essay
You can consider any articles to be a research paper if you include research contents. This is the same that can be observed in a research paper essay. You just have to structure the essay in a way that it will present research results. How is this done?

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Understanding the Requirements of a Racial Profiling Essay
Racial profiling essay can be written as argumentative essays or a persuasive essay. The Racism has been a controversial subject and there was a time that there were large groups supporting and opposing racism. With education and more and more people getting “civilized” due to the progressive ideas and civil rights laws the numbers supporting racism have come down over the past several decades. Though racial profiling is not a vast subject area, students can select a narrow aspect of this subject so that they can research and write an excellent racial profiling essay.

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Essays on Science and Technology: How to Succeed if You Are not into Technological Stuff
It seems we know why you feel nervous because of your essay on science and technology. At a glance, you think you know almost everything about modern gadgets and technologies. You know how a cell phone works, how your washing machine, mp3 player, and computer can be started and turned off.

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Legal Essays: Important Problems to Discuss
“How to write legal essays” you are thinking right now. Well, it is both challenging and exciting. It is challenging because you should have solid background knowledge and understanding of various laws. It is exciting because you will have to deal with real life situations, thus, you have a chance to learn how to protect your rights.

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