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Keyword density is crucial parts of optimizing your articles for search engines. But it is important to note that there is also such a thing as over optimizing your articles for particular words, this is known as keyword stuffing.

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Whether a crawling novice or polished professional, writers from every walk of life have room for improvement in their work. An endless array of rules and techniques must be kept in mind when writing ? punctuation, grammar, transition, show don?t tell, etc. As a result, it?s extremely important to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals. By stressing the fundamentals, coaches and trainers have transformed individuals of modest talent into world class competitors. Why should wri...

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The short story discussed in this essay is The Watcher which is written by Guy Vanderhaeghe. The story focuses on the learning experiences of the narrator, Charlie, who is an eleven year old boy stuck on his Grandma s farm. Through Charlie s natural ability to observe, experiences with sex, violence, and power Charlie transform him from being a watcher to a participant in the adult world surrounding him.

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Emphysema-Emphysema is a disease that causes the alveoli (the tiny air sacs where the air meets the blood in your lungs) not to work properly. This means not as much oxygen can get into the blood of the person, and it makes breathing difficult. Because the blood isn't getting as much oxygen as it is supposed to, the body cells aren't getting the oxygen they need to release the energy in food. A person with emphysema can't exercise at all, because the lungs aren't able to supply enough oxygen. A person with severe emphysema can't even go for a walk without running out of breath.

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Brian Olson Business Law 8 January 2001 A contract is a binding agreement made between two competent parties that can be written verbal or implied. The purpose of a contract is to create an agreement that can be supported by the law (West’s Encyclopedia).

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Shame is defined as a painful feeling caused by a sense of guilt, shortcoming, impropriety; dishonor or disgrace. This painful emotion can come from either external souces such as the people around us or from internal sources such as our conscience. In the story Shame, author Dick Gregory describes his experiences with both externally and internally motivated shame.

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Irene Curie was a brilliant dedicated scientist who accomplished many things throughout her life but was overshadowed by those around her throughout her life. She was overshadowed by Nobel laureate parents Maire and Pierre Curie, by co-laureate and husband Jean Frederick Joliot, by her physicist daughter Helene, who was married to Paul Langevin's grandson, and by biochemist son Pierre Joliot. She was also overshadowed by her non-scientist sister Eve Denise Curie, who wrote the biography of her mother that inspired so many people. Some people say that if it were not for her mother she would not have the opportunities that allowed her to become one of the most brilliant scientists. Although she was overshadowed by many of the people around her, her scientific genius was inherited from her mother and father.

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Robert Lee Frost is an American poet who is known for his verse concerning nature and New England life. He was born in San Francisco in 1874. When his father died in 1885, his mother moved the family to Lawrence, Massachusetts. Frost attended college sporadically after graduating high school and made a living by working as a bobbin boy in a wool mill, a shoemaker, a country schoolteacher, editor of a rural newspaper, and a farmer. He also wrote poetry but had little success in having his poems published until, in 1912, when his family moved to England. There, he was befriended by such established poets as Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke, and Lascelles Abercrombie. With their help, Robert Frost’s first two volumes of poetry were published.

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An Essay Layout: Two Ways to Make It
Can you not get why essay layouts are important? Do you not understand why a friend of yours who usually makes layouts of essays gets better grades? Are you not sure how to make a proper layout of an essay? Well, we are ready to answer your questions, because making an essay layout is actually a very important stage of the whole writing process.

Download An Essay Layout: Two Ways to Make It
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A Descriptive Essay About A Place
A descriptive essay about a place is an interesting topic to write about. You probably have seen many places on holiday or while visiting a relative. This is the time to recollect memories about the place and to write about it in a descriptive essay. It is actually quite easy to recollect pleasant memories about a place you have visited in the past. There are some methods though that you can use to simplify things.

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The Essence Of A Philosophy Essay
A philosophy essay has always had a powerful effect on people to respond to certain questions that society posed as a problem. Situations arise suddenly to affect the fabric of society in a way that people react spontaneously following a pattern that evokes behavior that is deep rooted. Interpersonal relations are based on trust and social norms which have been set through the ages.

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Term Paper on Abortion
In biological terms, abort means to expel a foetus during the early months of pregnancy or to check a disease or a condition during its early stages and abortion means the premature birth of an embryo before it is capable of continuing life. Abortion is considered a crime of murder if it is allowed to be done intentionally as a life, which is not capable to be born still, is tried to be eradicated with the help of medical expertise. Abortion can be also be caused by carelessness of the mother or any accidental happening when the mother is unable to secure herself or her baby.

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Essay Writing Rubric
A rubric is basically an authoritative rule of conduct or procedure which the evaluators use to evaluate an essay. However, students can make use of rubrics to write their essays as they help them to meet the required standards stipulated by the college. These standards are the areas of assessment on which the evaluators estimate the nature, quality, extent, or significance of the essay. The most common areas of assessment used by evaluators in majority of colleges are:

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Essay Styles Overview
There are a lot of essay styles. On this page you will find short information on the most common academic essay writing styles.

APA style essay is an academic papers containing title page, outline, abstract, and reference list. In-text citations and reference list have to be formatted in accordance to APA style.

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Essays on Racism: Free Ideas for You
Essays on Racism: Free Ideas for You
1. “A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”.
2. “Racial prejudice or discrimination”.

These are official definitions of racism given in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Giving a definition or quotation, or asking a question will be a good way to start your essay on racism.

Download Essays on Racism: Free Ideas for You
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Choosing good Classification Essay Topics
Classification Essay Topics that Helps One to Classify a Subject

Word classification means categorizing objects into a large whole. A classification essay is one strong form of an essay out of many. This type of essay places subjects into different categories according to general factors based on examples. Therefore these essays are used in academic studies very often as the students can analyze data, learn them to understand the similar characteristics, arrange them into groups which contain similar features and even subgroups according to the needs of the essay. Therefore many students in high schools, colleges and universities write them every day. An essay can be made very pleasing to the reader, one such way is the topic. It is the same for the classification essays as well. Therefore classification essay topics places a vital role in the writing.

Download Choosing good Classification Essay Topics
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Essays on the Battle of Hastings: Easy Strategies to Cope with the Task
The Battle of Hastings between the Norman and English armies took place in the year 1066. It was a decisive event in medieval history and in the Norman Conquest of England.

Download Essays on the Battle of Hastings: Easy Strategies to Cope with the Task
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Essays on Vietnam: War Is not the only Topic to Consider
Your teacher asked to write an essay on Vietnam and did not specify a topic. Well, giving unspecified assignments is something that teachers do very often and this seriously confuses students.

Download Essays on Vietnam: War Is not the only Topic to Consider
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Thiosulphate Coursework
Students of Chemistry departments may be assigned to write a thiosulphate coursework. They are expected to present their theoretical knowledge and its practical application in their papers.

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Essays on Renaissance: Topic Suggestions
The Renaissance, which literally means “rebirth”, was a cultural movement that began in Italy approximately in the 14th century and then spread all over Europe. Mainly, this movement is famous for artistic and scientific achievements, and definitely, its overall significance is great.

Download Essays on Renaissance: Topic Suggestions
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