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A novel based around real estate in Miami, I was not convinced that I would enjoy it. I had thoughts of tawdry love affairs among realtor?s, and board room struggles between power brokers. But, instead I found a hugely entertaining, and side splittingly funny novel that makes me chuckle every time I see the cover. This is humor at its very apex. Humor is a hard genre to be successful in but this author definitely has 'The Write Stuff.' Alan Rolnick has created a vignette o...

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?[Henry David] Thoreau is a keen and delicate observer of nature - a genuine observer - which, I suspect, is almost as rare a character as even an original poet; and Nature, in return for his love, seems to adopt him as her especial child, and shows him secrets which few others are allowed to witness.? ? Nathaniel Hawthorne (Journal entry, September 1, 1842) Most of the greatest poets were not recognized for their work until they had long been laid to rest. Many suffered g...

Download Poetry: An Exercise In Emotion And Vulnerability
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New to tech-writing, or thinking about starting? The key to success is recognising that tech-writers are a necessary evil.

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The Indus Valley Civilization was one of the first civilizations in the world. It was located in the southwest part of present day India along the Indus River. This civilization started around 2500 BC the same time as the Mesopotamia s, Egyptians, and the Chinese. The area known as Mesopotamia was thought to be the origin of humanity, but now we think that the Indus Valley people were just as old.

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Plato and Aristotle, two philosophers in the 4th century, hold polar views on politics and philosophy in general. This fact is very cleverly illustrated by Raphael's "School of Athens" (1510-11; Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican), where Plato is portrayed looking up to the higher forms; and Aristotle is pointing down because he supports the natural sciences. In a discussion of politics, the stand point of each philosopher becomes an essential factor. It is not coincidental that Plato states in The Republic that Philosopher Rulers who possess knowledge of the good should be the governors in a city state.

Download Essay on Plato Vs Aristotle
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Essay On Health Is Wealth
An essay on health is wealth can be a useful exercise in analyzing how a human body reacts to different situations that arise when it is subjected to drastic changes in diet, exercise cycle, and sedentary lifestyles. It is not uncommon for people to pay less attention to such details. A busy life would afford almost very little time to maintain fitness. Health is man’s biggest asset that should be treasured.

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Cause And Effect Paper Topics
Cause and effect paper topics are effective in establishing a relation between a cause for an action or item and the subsequent effect it creates. Every action invokes a certain reaction. People respond differently to each of them. Some may accept an effect as a natural phenomenon produced by the action, while others may have another point of view and may not agree. Writers have to understand which opinion matters while compiling a cause and effect essay. They have to decide the type of audience they would be writing for.

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Opinion Essays Made Easy
Opinion essays are very similar to argumentative essays. If you know how to write an opinion essay, you have learned the art of expressing yourself in front of a very large audience. Readers love to hear about good opinions. It could be on any subject. You have to substantiate your arguments with logical and clearly written information backed by solid evidence in the form of well-researched support data. Here are some details you need to be aware of.

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Scientology Essay
The purpose of this essay is to explore the religion of scientology and to further understand the main aspects of the religion in better detail. The religion of scientology intrigued me because I have never known anything about it, and it sounds like it might be something that is quite interesting to learn more about. There will be many areas covered, including the founder of the religion, the different aspects of it, and facts about Scientology.

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Satirical Essays
Essays can have different purposes of writing. It can also have various goals and intentions. In the process of writing satirical essays, the main point is to expose new ideas about issues in real life. However, the real good thing about this essay is that it does not have to be a serious article. It can actually consider having radical ways to present a topic and introduce ideas to the readers. You can learn how to write satirical essays in this article.

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College Admission Essay Example
Today’s high school students are very fortunate. Because of the advancement in technology, it is now possible to obtain learning materials that can help them do well in school. For this matter, let us start taking into consideration to identify sources of college admission essay examples.

There are many ways for you to get an essay sample. If you are looking for a specific type which as college admission essay example, then there are at least three possible sources for such materials. Previously, we talked about how to obtain a narrative essay sample and a descriptive essay example file.

Download College Admission Essay Example
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Essay Starters to Attract Readers
What are the main reasons why readers read an essay? Is it because of the topic? Is it because of the visual format? If you are also wondering how to attract readers, then you should consider refining your writing skills of essay starters. What are essay starters? These are sentences that mainly attract the readers to participate in a written discussion. In a general term, essay starters are also the same as essay hooks. They are baits to entice readers and continue scanning the entire essay. For this post, we will talk about how you can create quality essay starters.

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How to Write Literature Review – The Tricks that Do
Essay writing usually involves at least three parts-introduction, body and the conclusion. However, if you are planning on writing an essay that will also involve researching, then you must write the chapters that are also usually found among dissertations. Today, let us tackle one of these chapters. Let me give you some tips how to write literature review segments.

How to write literature review chapters is dependent on the type of essay topics available.

Download How to Write Literature Review – The Tricks that Do
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Essay Styles
A student ought to know which essay style to use when writing an essay over and above possessing good writing skills. This is because essay writing is probably the most common task given to students irrespective of the courses they are taking. Through essays, students show understanding of a particular topics and the ability to write creatively and fluently. Students can be asked to write essays based on:

Download Essay Styles
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Essay Prompts – Be Prompt in Taking Help for Something you are not sure of or Don’t Know
Essay writing is a part and parcel of one’s own student life and there’s no avoiding it, however much one may hate taking a pen and putting into writing, the thoughts and ideas of the mind. Since this is so important in the field of education it is essential for a student to know the art of essay writing perfectly. Academic essay writing will come in various stages of education in the form of research paper writing, term paper writing, school essay writing, research proposal etc. Essay writing in the lower school level can be used as a stepping stone for tackling more challenging issues in the various writing projects in the secondary level.

Download Essay Prompts – Be Prompt in Taking Help for Something you are not sure of or Don’t Know
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Persuasive Essays: Argumentation for Convincing Readers
Persuasive Essays: Argumentation for Convincing Readers
Weighty arguments for persuasive essays

Improving their writing skills, students start distinguishing between various types of academic papers. They come to realization that it is possible to view objects from various perspectives, putting emphasis on different aspects. Persuasive essays are considered one of the most difficult assignments in academic writing requiring weighty arguments for convincing potential readers to share the student’s point of view and/or even take certain measures after reading the paper.

Download Persuasive Essays: Argumentation for Convincing Readers
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A Research Proposal Outline: Avoid Problems before They Emerge
A Research Proposal Outline: Avoid Problems before They Emerge
We often advise to treat every paper as a construction set: divide your ideas into the main points, split each of them into sub-points, and elaborate them separately. This is a basic pattern of writing a research paper.

Download A Research Proposal Outline: Avoid Problems before They Emerge
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Free Pieces of Advice for Those Who Want to Buy an Essay
Free Pieces of Advice for Those Who Want to Buy an Essay
Do you want to buy an essay? Then go and get it!

Well, you have heard something like “Never do this! It is academic dishonesty. It is so unfair towards your peers”. Naturally, this sounds quite impressive. However, do your peers really care if you get low grades on your papers?

So, if for some reasons you cannot complete your paper, do not hesitate to buy an essay. The procedure is not that difficult, in fact. Once you type in a searching engine something like “buy essay”, heaps of custom writing services will offer you their essays to buy.

Download Free Pieces of Advice for Those Who Want to Buy an Essay
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Course Essay: Produce Only Positive Impression on Your Teacher
You may write many essays during some of your course, but the essential paper will be a course essay. What is a course essay? This is a kind of summarized knowledge gained during the course. Actually, your course essay reveals your understanding of the main topics of the course, your attitude towards the course: whether you liked it or not, whether it was informative and useful for you or not. That is why your course essay requires very much attention.

What points should you mind writing your course essay?

Your course essay should reveal your knowledge on the topic so you should be well prepared for writing. Use the knowledge you gained during the course and read some more background information.

Download Course Essay: Produce Only Positive Impression on Your Teacher
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Religious Essays: Free Writing Prompts and Ideas
You know, even for religious students writing religious essays might be tricky, because it is a broad and multifaceted topic. Thus, you should not panic if at the moment you feel stumped with your religious essay.

Download Religious Essays: Free Writing Prompts and Ideas
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