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Five Paragraph Essay Format
Five Paragraph Essay Format
Does A Five Paragraph Essay Format Work?

The five paragraph essay format has always been the most common format for essays in school. However, does it work for all the different types of essays. The answer is never simple, because people have opinions based on different criteria. What is important is to know whether it can be applied to most essays. The simple answer is “yes.” The 5 paragraph essay rubric is a tried and tested format that works for most types of essays. Readers are familiar with the pattern, and it has been effective in communicating with a large audience. Students do have questions related to its relevance in specific assignments.
Can An Application Essay Be Written In This Format?

To answer this question, one must know how a five paragraph essay format appears. It consists of an introduction with the essay statement, a body of three paragraphs containing arguments or points that support the essay statement, and a summary of what was covered earlier in the essay. Normally, it would be covered in 500 words. In an application essay, students introduce themselves in the first paragraph and compile an essay statement, which could be their primary reason for joining the study program. The body of the essay including three paragraphs can talk of achievements, goals, and current status. It is important to relate the content included with the essay statement. The conclusion can talk of high points mentioned in the essay and present, again, the reason why the candidate is ideally suited for the study program. The example demonstrates that an application essay can be written using the format. As students move into college and develop a style of their own, the format can be extended or can be reduced to three paragraphs as per requirement.
How Do You Adjust A Long Essay Into This Format?

The answer to this one is simple. Take the example of a 3-page essay. It would definitely exceed the 500-word mark. The format does not change; however, students can incorporate quotations, reference charts, diagraph, audio, video, or any other pictorial aids to make the essay more interesting.
How About A Cause And Effect Essay?

Let’s say a student has to write an essay about the recent earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake itself would be the cause, and the destruction it caused would be the effect. The introduction would talk of the causes, while the essay statement would present the student’s point of view on the primary reason for the earthquake. The rest of the essay would follow the same pattern as the others.
Wouldn’t A Compare And Contrast Essay Require More Paragraphs?

Compare a set of books on the same topic. In this case, the introduction and conclusion would occupy two paragraphs. Students can then include the three most important points to differentiate between the books. It is easy to understand that the five paragraph essay format can always be extended to include all the important aspects. There is no hard and fast rule that says students have to compile the essay in this format. Learning how to adapt to it, however, would allow students to save time. They would have learned to compile essays in a widely accepted format.

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