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5 Paragraph Essay Format
5 Paragraph Essay Format
Effectively Using A 5 Paragraph Essay Format

A 5 paragraph essay format is a common standard used to compile academic essays in schools and colleges. A basic example would be an argumentative essay which can be aptly represented using this method. The essay format would consist of an introduction with the essay statement. It would be followed by a body of three support statements in three different paragraphs, all justifying the argument placed in the essay statement. The conclusion would be the last paragraph which summarizes the content and compels readers to agree with the argument placed in the essay. Students find it easy to adapt to this method through practice. However, some practical inputs may simplify matters further.

A 5 paragraph essay rubric is an excellent tool for students to learn how to compile any essay using the 5 paragraph format. The type of essay may change, but students can assimilate complex data into it by following a common rubric used by teachers to assess performance of students. For example, a rubric to check a science essay may allot scores for specific inputs like diagrams, charts, equations, chemical formulae, and examples based on applied theory. The rubric might adapt a different format for another subject, but a common basis can be established which is understood by students. It thus becomes easier to compile an essay using the rubric. A common method of applying rules also enhances understanding and helps save time. It is important to remember that a 5 paragraph essay would contain around 500 words fitting into an online page. By adapting to a rubric, students are also learning how to complete a 500-word effectively.

Getting readers to read through an essay is an art. Most have very short attention spans when it comes to reading written content. A 5 paragraph essay format would normally be a short essay which is effectively drafted using the minimum number of words. Some may argue it is too formal and outdated to be used any more, but readers are used to reading content in this format. Students have to ensure that the content is relevant and interesting. Think of the essay as a verbal communication with a live audience. If people smile, it must have been something funny. If they frown, the essay probably was heading in the wrong direction. It is necessary to anticipate what the vast majority of readers would think of the essay and then make corrections accordingly.

An essay writing format must be simple to compile. It is possible if questions are raised before drafting the essay. The writer can then provide answers in a systematic way. Questions could be asked based on the topic given to the student. Let’s take the case of the topic “Computers are a boon or bane.” Students could think of questions arising out of their practical experiences with computers. They can then research and find answers including advantages and disadvantages, and list out the most appropriate ones using the 5 paragraph essay format. In case of difficulty, ParamountEssays.com can provide viable written essay solutions. It is an online content provider that specializes in academics following international systems and standards.

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