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5 Paragraph Essay Rubric
5 Paragraph Essay Rubric
Understanding A 5 Paragraph Essay Rubric

The 5 paragraph essay rubric helps students understand how to easily compile an essay in just five paragraphs. Systems that succeed have been perfected over a period of time. An essay writing format taught in school would work in a real-life competitive business atmosphere. Its application may, however, vary just a bit while adapting to different subjects.

A rubric offers students the direction they need to take when compiling an essay. At the same time, it allows systematic assessment of content based on standard norms. Students must take cue from the essay prompt and stick to a plan which outlines content focused on the prompt. The essay statement would be drafted to attract readers, but what follows in the essay would be an elaboration of the prompt.

A 5 paragraph essay rubric would have an introduction with the essay statement or argument. The statement would form the most important sentence that leads readers into the essay with clear explanation of what the essay is about and what is to follow in the remaining four paragraphs. The introduction would further explain how readers would be informed about the topic. For example, the rubric may ask students to write about their selection into the school soccer team. It may ask students to explain further what they did to get selected and how the experience made them better players. The essay statement can be drafted as “How I finally got selected to my school soccer team and met with success on the field.” The introduction would then lead readers into a brief explanation of when it all started and the current status. Arguments that support the statement would follow in the body of the essay.

The second paragraph would strive to offer proof of the argument made in the introduction. It may include quotations and citations. Care should be taken to include quotations in separate sentences for better effect. If there are two or more quotations, they need to be in separate sentences within the paragraph. Unlike the 3 paragraph essay, content can be better organized in five paragraphs. Quotes included in this paragraph can be explained further in two more paragraphs.

Maintain the voice used in the essay. Students must strive to form essays with words regularly used by them in written format. Complex sentences would only confuse readers and hinder better understanding of the topic. A safe method to ensure the format is maintained would be to read backwards and see if the body of the essay makes sense. The writer should be able to follow each argument from the justification to the essay statement in order of its importance.

The essay layout would end in a conclusion that leaves a message for readers to adapt or follow. It could lead to a practical application based on theory explained in the essay or a moral that compels readers to accept a point of view. Students could get further guidance from ParamountEssays.com, a leader in the field of academic writing. An essay based on a specific 5 paragraph essay rubric would offer students an optimum format to follow for further assignments.

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