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5 Paragraph Essays
5 Paragraph Essays
Do you know how to write 5 paragraph essays? If this is your first time to compose a five-part essay, then let us give you some ideas how to divide your essay into five segments. Usually, you are used to write only three paragraph essays. But with additional two paragraphs, there is a slight modification needed.

Many 5 paragraph essays have a lot of words in them. For example, you can only write a five paragraph essay if you are going to compose a 1000 word essay. It only makes sense because the more words you have in an essay, the more paragraphs it should contain. Most of the time, a three paragraph essay consists of the introduction, body and the conclusion. This is also the same with a five paragraph essay. The only difference is that your body segment will be much longer.

Will the paragraph count depend on the topic of the essay? Essay subjects will definitely have an influence to the number of paragraphs. If you are writing an essay with a topic that involves research, then you need more ways to discuss the topic. It means the concentration of additional paragraphs will be on the body segments because the introduction and the conclusion should be fixed in an essay.

The rule in writing 5 paragraph essays is simple. You simply need to add two more paragraphs in your Body portion t make the discussion clearer and sufficient. If you want to take a look at some essay samples, download some from our database.

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