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Reposition of Dabur
Reposition of Dabur
Confrontation matrix enables to intersect strengths with opportunities from SWOT analysis to see how we can perform good trades with our strengths. Juxtaposing weaknesses with opportunities we can elaborate defensive brand strategies. Matching weaknesses with threats we would be able to figure out what brands we should eliminate. And ultimately, some threads can be diminished by strength of the company. Taking all these into account let us analyze how the company under study Dabur, decided to reposition its brands and why.

Thus, the main efforts Dabur aimed on reassigning all its brand to its five power brands: Dabur (healthcare products and honey), Vatika (herbal beauty), Anmol (personal care), Real (foods), and Hajmola (digestives). Additionally, they determined personal care and health care products as growth drivers, since these markets showed a significant growing potential.

Eliminating of low contribution and non-core brands, such as Binaca, for example, which represented toothpowder category but did not fit in herbal strategy, was quite essential move considering all the circumstances.

The focus on youth, not merely Indian but international, was dictated also by global tendencies toward healthy way of life, naturalness in nutrition and treatments. Even though when entering external markets marketers were mainly stressed on countries with familiar culture and awareness of ayurvedic medicine, a growing interest in exotic things among the western community could provide a good background for developing Dabur's brands there.

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