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Guide to Analytical Essay Format.
Guide to Analytical Essay Format.
Learn how to format an analytical essay today!

Understanding analytical essay format is important when writing analysis essays. Generally, research and content are emphasized upon at the expense of understanding the correct format, which is more often than not, an afterthought. Rather, first understand the format, writing an essay is a specialized activity with its own rules and the format defines those rules.

Drill in these basics first

Fonts are size 12 and in Ariel or Times New Roman unless specified otherwise. Keep an inch as a margin on all sides.

Why is format important?

Just like words make up a language, format makes the essay comprehensive. It brings in clarity and focus that makes for effective communication. Following the correct format removes ambiguity from your content and structures your thought. By doing this you take the minimum time from the readers while providing maximum information you wish to bring to notice.

Analytical Essay Format

All essays under this format follow three components. Follow them in the order stated below.


Introduce the topic and provide all relevant information in the context of your treatment of the subject. The reader must be able to form an opinion by reading this part of the essay. Donít make assumptions and explicitly state everything that is relevant to the topic and needs to be known. This is the set-up; an ineffective introduction makes for a disinteresting body.


State your viewpoint and persuade the readers to adopt it. Provide all relevant facts and figures that make your argument the most logical. Focus on what you have to say, make it more effective than arguments propounded by other essayist. Check your sources, credibility is important. Donít emphasize only on what you think, showcase counter-arguments strongly but make your argument the strongest.


A correct analytical essay format puts the onus of the analysis part of the essay on you, and not on the readers to try and make sense on what you intend to say.


Succinctly state what has been written so far and reiterate your stand firmly. Inform readers on what they have to do. In this section, you assume the leadership mantle and tell others what must be done.


Whether you write an A level paper or an action research paper, format is important. Following the correct analytical essay format is vital to write an effective essay. Even if you have something important to say, it wonít matter if you donít know how to say it. By following correct format you reveal the importance of your subject and the readers can sense it too.

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