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Matthes's investigation
Matthes's investigation
Matthes and other scientists investigated the use of the Spiral of silence theory in cross cultural aspect. They conducted a study in 2009. Their main task was to find indicators that play an important role in different countries and cultures. The method allows identifying indicators for each country. First, the incompatibility of conceptualization and lack of standard measurements prevented comparison of cultures. Second, using the same concepts and measures it is difficult to draw conclusions about the real situation in different countries.

The main idea of the study is based on two personality traits according to the theory. First, the fear of social exclusion and the second is the willingness to self-censorship. The authors examined the correlation of these two principles of the theory in the American, Chinese, French and German cultures. The second objective - the study of personality in these countries, which can be used in future studies for similar purposes. This is method of survey respondents. Comparing the differences between collectivism (China) and individualism (the other old quarter) results show that people from the countries collectively have a greater tendency to suppress Owl opinion in a hostile climate.

For Chinese there is no correlation between these two factors. It can be argued that the fear of social exclusion e is a threat to Chinese. It follows that the fear of social exclusion cannot be the cause of self-censorship. The authors are far from the analysis of all factors. It should be an analysis of the influence of aspects in each country. The countries selected for the study should be of equal value factors.

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