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Finding A Suitable Sample Argumentative Essay
Finding A Suitable Sample Argumentative Essay
A sample argumentative essay will help you present a clear argument which you would include in the thesis statement, develop and support it with the appropriate evidence. You need to express your ideas clearly and in a very simple manner using grammatical correct sentences. The one most important thing to look for in a sample would be to choose an argumentative essay that presents an argument. Beyond this, you need to check if the sample includes a few other points.
The thesis statement is what attracts readers. Written in a sentence or two, it expresses your viewpoint on a subject or topic. You must choose a topic that is open to debate. If the argumentative essay examples you are looking at only describe or explain about an event without an argument or counter argument in place, it could be a descriptive or analytical essay. It is important to remember the difference.
The sample must have the argument in the introduction. Develop on it with the help of support data, and then focus on a conclusion with the same argument. For example, a section of people might argue that the Internet is the greatest invention of the century, while others may argue that it is just one of the several major technological breakthroughs. This is not an argumentative essay format. If you do not establish a strong debatable argument in the introduction, the essay would certainly not be compelling enough for readers.
To choose the right argumentative essay topics, refer to several sample argumentative essay samples. Follow this procedure to generate new ideas. You can enter all the information or ideas you get into a pie chart. For example, if the first topic you chose was “Humans Were Responsible For Global Warming,” include all the reasons to support your argument into the pie chart. Continue in similar fashion looking for other topics. When you have a few topics with ready content, choose the most appropriate one based on how much it appeals to you and how compelling the content you include in the essay would be to readers.
An argumentative essay outline with pictures and graphics would go a long way in enhancing presentation. Refer to samples that include them to check how a pictorial representation should look like. There are several sites on the Internet that would offer you software that could help you create pictures, graphs, and charts.
You might use someone else’s idea in your essay. When you quote it, make sure you develop and comment on it for the benefit of the readers. They should understand the context in which it was quoted. For example, the sample essay could talk about global warming in the North Pole. You would have to offer reasons for introducing the reference by explaining the concept of how temperatures are rising on Earth. You would relate it in this case to the melting of ice due to the rise in temperature.

Finding the right sample argumentative essay is not too difficult if you apply the right logic and look for the right elements as shown in the examples.

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