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Following The Right Argumentative Essay Examples
Following The Right Argumentative Essay Examples
The primary reason of referring to argumentative essay examples is to learn how an argumentative essay presents an argument. You have to state it in the introduction, present support data and pictorial representation that demonstrates the argument in easy steps within the body of the essay, and summarize it in the conclusion. The role of the example should be to differentiate between description or explanation of a topic and an argument essay. The difference needs to be understood to write compelling argument essays.

Choose the right argumentative essay topics. For example, an essay could introduce an argument stating that all countries should do away with their nuclear power program because of the dangers posed when trying to dispose nuclear waste. This would be a very good topic. The general feeling is that nuclear power can create catastrophes as indicated by what happened during World War 2 in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The argument you place would be a counter argument that many people would agree with.

Researching for a sample argumentative essay is a good idea when you consider the fact that you would discover new and different aspects of the topic. While researching, you could create a pie chart that would include all aspects of the topic. For example, the pie chart could include all possible reasons for the depletion of the ozone layer. Once you get ideas like these, you could then look specifically for a sample that comments on this very topic. The pie chart would save you research time, if you decide to write your essay on this topic. Look for argumentative essay examples that include pie charts or other aids.

After you have arrived at the appropriate topic, prepare an argumentative essay format that includes the pie chart and other content you found during research. It is important to note that the format might vary according to the type of essay you write. For example, in an argumentative essay, the format would include the argument in the thesis statement and the subsequent paragraphs would elaborate on ideas in support of the thesis statement. This format might differ if, for example, you were to write a description essay. The onus here would be to describe an event or person without the need to place an argument or counter argument.

Preparation is a must if you want to get good marks. When you prepare an argumentative essay outline, you are in a position to work on ideas to support the thesis statement. You would have a fixed number of paragraphs as per the word count required. The ideas would be listed out one after another in the body of the essay, logically supporting the thesis statement.

Programming yourself to work using a particular line of thinking is an important feature when writing argument essays. You have to be consistent and follow an adapted method. It is possible to get the inspiration you need by following good argumentative essay examples and then arriving at your own unique style of writing any essay. Practice the method you choose to get the best results.

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