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Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Use
Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Use
Argumentative essay topics should be selected based on the logic that arguments basically occur to make others agree to a particular line of thinking. There is always a point of view opposing the thesis statement. Your role would be to account for the various beliefs and present your case in such a manner as to increase acceptance for it. The topics you choose have to be well researched. Every point you make have to be backed by evidence and logic. The advantage you have is selecting controversial essay topics. Combining this with writing skills and flair, you have to slowly change the vote in your favor. This comes with practice, and the right choice of topics helps. Here are some which might be useful in argumentative essays.
Should a traffic offender who has broken signals five times be put behind bars? Should drug offenders be banned from travelling abroad, especially if they are going for a long stay?
Should vigilance over the internet be made more stringent to prevent video piracy?
Can technology completely do away with an office? Can everybody work from home irrespective of the type of office environment required?
Is a computer addictive? Can everybody get addicted to the computer irrespective of age and qualification?
Can we safely say that ecommerce has taken over from the traditional way of trading and commerce?
Should children be banned from using mobiles in schools as it is proving to be a big nuisance and distraction?
Should laws regarding conservation of natural resources be made universal throughout the world? Can there be any one regulatory body like the United Nations?
Can a vegetarian diet be truly enforced, say three times a week across all sections of society, as a sign of solidarity for promoting good health?
Should Americans be more accommodating in terms of welcoming and creating more opportunities for people of other countries to come and settle in?
Can the education system be changed to bring in compulsory training in the use of a musical instrument? Should orientation towards music be the only criteria?
Should men and women athletes be offered the same prize money for individual events like swimming or weightlifting?
Can mercy killing be legalized? If it can, what should be the criteria for it?
Should terrorists be entitled to a trial under the same laws governing citizens in a particular country? This could also be used in a critical essay.
Should the Olympics be held compulsorily in each country and why?
Should families be held responsible for crimes committed by teenagers?

Custom essays have scope to introduce new topics. But when you attempt persuasive essay or argumentative essay, you have to back every statement you make with solid evidence. It would therefore be better to take up topics which are current and of value to society. This should give you enough evidence to support your statements. It takes time and effort to write well. When you make a good choice of argumentative essay topics, you can be sure of writing really good essays.

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