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Make The Most Of An Argumentative Essay
Make The Most Of An Argumentative Essay
An argumentative essay is always about convincing a reader to accept your point of view.
From the thesis statement to conclusion, every point and supporting research material builds up the essay to a point where a reader agrees to what you try to convey. The thesis statement will introduce the topic, and the body will attempt either with loud arguments or subtle ways to present the case. The conclusion would have solidly convinced the reader.
When you attempt a persuasive essay, the reasoning is very similar. Terms are almost dictated from the beginning. If a reader continues it would be a testimonial to your writing skills. This requires the use of bold buy not offensive language. You could be trying to argue a point, but the idea is always to keep the reader engrossed. To compensate, you have to choose good research material which can back your thesis statement. Quotations from famous personalities could be harsh yet appealing to your audience provided it is presented in a logical and appropriate manner.
In compare and contrast essays, you try to prove a point by presenting examples which show two sides of an argument. You cannot maneuver in an argumentative essay. Here, you are trying to be convincing about your thesis statement. You bring forth research material that supports it and argues for you, but you do not try to move away from your core argument at any stage.
For example, you take topics that matter and can justify an argument. It is important to present it correctly. It could be from areas like civil rights, domestic violence and the role of the judiciary, teenage pregnancy and responsibilities of families towards it, street violence and the easy availability of guns, cyber crime and its punishment. As you can see, the topics can vary. When you pick a research essay topic, the length of the essay does not matter. You have enough scope to back your argument with precise and detailed support material.
A comparative essay would leave the argument to be decided by the reader. Examples tend to convince when presented within an argument. You present it as a matter of fact and compare it with examples that are similar. The reader would not be inclined to agree on any particular point of view. So ideally, you take the argument and donít beat around the bush. Justify it, support it with solid research, and try and convince the audience of its merits.
A moral stand taken over an issue like in an ethics essay would normally be accepted by readers if presented with honesty and quotations. Similarly, anticipate what would convince a reader.

Once you have established that, you succeed is removing objections and your argumentative essay would leave no room for arguments.

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