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Argumentative Essay – Opinion and Discussions
Argumentative Essay – Opinion and Discussions
When we say argumentative essay , it only means one thing – to express your sentiment about a definite topic. This is simply one of the many essay types that you will write in school. To argue does not necessarily mean to quarrel with another person or with your readers. Your main objective in writing such type of an article is to present what you think about a subject matter.

How to impose an argument in different types of essays? There are simple tips that I can share with you. Let’s tackle some of the most common essay types in schools and see whether we can integrate the point of arguing in them.

Nursing Assignment Essay. Here you may talk about the subjects that involve the use of certain drugs. You may argue about the implications of medicine and whether it can actually help the patients.

Othello essay. In this aspect, you may write an argumentative essay that expresses your thoughts about the Shakespeare’s play. You may even compare it with Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth. Of course, your opinion counts since you must have a good opinion based on how you perceive the three novels separately.

Photo Essay. You may provide an argument whether one image is better than the other. You may express your feelings about the aspects of color, contrast and significance of one image compared to another one.

An argumentative essay also has some key descriptive points of a persuasive essay . Technically, you are presenting your side of opinion about the topic while at the same time you intend to persuade your readers that your opinions are correct and true. However, before you take this into account, you must at least employ the methods used in writing a research essay so that you can fully support your claims.

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