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Some Tips On Writing an Argumentative Essay
Some Tips On Writing an Argumentative Essay
Argumentative Essay – Choose a Controversial Topic

To write an argumentative essay follow the below given directives:

1. Choose the topic carefully. The first thing about an argumentative topic is that, it should be, as the name suggests, arguable. So pick some controversial issue that has generated a lot of debate in the recent times. To pick such a topic go through current newspapers and magazine issues, check on the television and radios and keep your eyes and ears open for the latest controversial topic.

2. Take a firm and clear position on the chosen topic. Do not say ” I believe that we have to forgo certain personal privacies for the sake of the security of our own country”. Firmly say ” it is imperative for us to let go of certain issues pertaining to personal privacy and freedom for the sake of our own country’s security”. Avoid using first person while writing an argumentative essay,as this weakens your stand.

3. An argumentative essay puts forward an argument that is backed by lots of evidences, facts and data. This is because this essay does not stop by just putting forward an argument. The chief purpose of this essay is to take a stand and defend that stand by well placed arguments and backed by reliable strong arguments. The arguments should be convincing enough to make the reader start seeing your point of view and believe in your stand

4. You will have to assume that the reader may disagree with your view and so you must necessarily put forward a strong argument, explain your stand reasonably and win the confidence of your reader. Be professional right from the beginning and this will help to win over your reader easily.

To start you work on an argumentative essay do the following:

1. Choose a topic that is not too broad nor too narrow in scope.

2. Prepare an essay outline so that you know how to go about writing the essay.

3. Once the outline is ready and you know exactly what to look for, start exploring the issue for information and facts. Go through various books, journals and the internet to hunt for latest updates on the chosen topic.

4. Make reference cards so that you have a list of all your referenced work ready. Make two type of cards, one for reference that you will definitely use, and one for materials read or tentative references.

5. Once the rough draft is ready prepare the final copy. Don’t forget to proofread and edit the final paper so as to make it completely error free .

An argumentative essay is all bout how well you can write to convince your reader. Its all about how firmly you can take a stand and defend it with well placed evidences. So make sure you put forward a paper that is well organised, professional and logical enough to persuade your reader into believing you. If you think it is not in you to argue, put forward supporting evidences, and win over your reader, then come over to us at

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