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How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay
How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay
Learning how to write a cause and effect essay is an art, which will give you tremendous confidence once you have mastered it. Usually a descriptive essay, it’s quite easy to write it once you have the essential know-how. Like other essays, it follows standard norms. You do not have to be a great writer to gain expertise. Adaptability and practice will get you there. There are some tips you can adapt on the way to writing your essay.
Preparation is the key. You might know in advance when you would have to write the essay. Utilize this time to do a bit of research. The first thing you need to do is to find the right topic. Prepare a list of cause and effect essay topics gathered from the library or the internet. Look for recent events to cover. Readers would be interested and curious to know about it, especially if it has occurred in their area of interest. Do not hesitate to choose controversial topics. As long as you can substantiate the cause and effect it would suffice. At this early stage though, you need not worry about it too much.
The cause and effect essay should be informative and interesting. The way to ensure this would be to use compelling language and research well before writing the essay. Prepare a cause and effect essay outline that holds the thesis statement and arguments. This can be a rough format, which could be fine tuned at a later stage. The arguments need not be elaborate. They need to connect directly to the thesis statement. Start writing only after you have finalized the word count for the essay. Write a 500-word essay in approximately five to six paragraphs.
If you have never written an essay on this topic before, refer to a cause and effect essay example. There are various sites that would offer you essays on nearly any topic. Just type in the type of essay you want to find. In this case, type in “how to write a cause and effect essay.” A host of websites would offer you essays on it. You can refer to them and get ideas, but do not copy-paste an essay and claim it as your own. It could get you into a lot of trouble. It does not pay to give into plagiarism, and you would not be learning anything at all.
Try and write your essay in short sentences. Reason out the various causes and effects for an event to occur. For example, you might have scored highly in school physics, or your dad might be an engineer. These could be your causes for liking the subject. The effect could be that you choose research in physics as a career option.
Let’s take another example of a part-time job. You join a fast food joint, work full time for some days, and decide on working for two hours on hourly wages. The reasons you joined could be because you love food and want to make some extra money. These could the causes. The results of doing so could be both negative and positive. Now you cannot make the same money you did earlier, but the positive side is you have more time with your friends.
Once you learn how to apply the logic and start asks questions like “why” and “what,” you would have learned how to write a cause and effect essay topic. The rest is just practice and using a bit of imagination.

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