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Division Classification Essay – An Easy Route To Classify Generic Subjects
Division Classification Essay – An Easy Route To Classify Generic Subjects
A division classification essay is normally written to classify people, vehicles, places, pets, schools, and other generic subjects. The essay segregates those topics into various groups and then offers reasons to differentiate between those divisions. There are some basic guidelines you need to follow when creating divisions for the groups. For example, if there was a need to segregate books into various categories, you would need to create an exhaustive list of groups that could accommodate all types of books. You cannot create three or four groups like romance, fiction, and action and leave out groups that need to accommodate tragedy, Sci-Fi, etc. Those books would not fit in the groups you earlier created. The classification essay needs to be complete without omitting any elements that have to be classified.

Start with a classification essay outline that incorporates all the elements or generic subjects in the introduction of the essay. The first sentence should contain the thesis statement that gives a brief explanation about the divisions to be created and the subject matter. Now include an exhaustive list of groups which should contain all the generic subjects you need to categorize. For example, in a classification essay about movies, you can start by including the type of movies and then create groups for them. For a romantic movie, create a group called romance and so on. The criterion is that all elements should have a corresponding group to fit into.

Refer to a classification essay sample to know about how the division of groups is made. You must remember that any sample would talk about personal preference of the writer while dividing the elements into groups. You need not follow the exact method, but note how the division is actually done. Follow your own writing style and represent groups using your own language. The groups you create should be easily understood by readers.

If it’s a short essay you are writing, create about three or four categories. Usually, you would need to explain the categories to readers, which would take up space. Once you have several classification essay topics, provide examples to explain clearly why you classified them into the various groups. For example, a classification of movies would be watched by people of different age groups. If you were to be ambiguous in creating the divisions, a section of the audience might not understand your logic. Keep the language simple and broad base the groups so that the division is elaborate and complete.

The purpose of reading a division classification essay is to get information on a topic of interest. Since it would be generic subjects that would be included in the essay, try and use a topic like movies, which would be of interest to a large section of the audience. If you were in school, you could use any topic that would interest other students. You become an expert by practicing how to categorize. Once you are familiar with how to do it you would be in a position to write any classification essay with ease.

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