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Learn more about classification essays with this classification essay sample
Learn more about classification essays with this classification essay sample
To know what exactly a classification essay sample should look like, you need to be clear on how categorization and classification has to be carried out. When you have been asked to categorize the data that you have and collate it in such a way that it makes sense, it means you have been asked to write a classification essay. It mind sound quite simple till you really get down to actually doing it. Once you begin you will understand the problems that you face while trying to put the data you have into separate slots or categories. Another way of putting it is to say that you need to know on what basis you can pigeon hole your data, so that it makes a coherent whole.

Clarity of topic:

If you are not sure about the topic and what it really means, you will have a very tough time doing the classification essay sample as per the requirements of your guide or supervisor. For instance, let us look at this topic: Marital harmony of parents have a bearing on the physical and mental well being of the child. This is a topic that needs to be understood in its entirety before embarking upon the essay itself. One needs to look at various aspects such as the marital status of the parents are they single or are they separated or are they going through divorce proceedings or are they living in perfect or near perfect harmony and so on.

Method of classification:

If the basis of the classification is not thought of clearly, the classification essay sample will not be okay. Since the topic here concerns the marital harmony of parents and the bearing of the same on the lives of their children, it is important to classify children into three or four groups depending upon the marital status of their parents. It is also necessary to take into account the age and sex of these children as this could be a key factor in the classification process.

There is one important rule that needs to be remembered while doing the classification. In this case you are looking at a group of children. Let us imagine that your entire group consists of 50 children where there are an equal number of boys and girls. You need to mkae sure that while doing your classification in your classification essay sample all these 50 students fall within at least any one of the categories that you are making. If there is one or more student who does not fall within any of the categories that you have made, it means that your basis of making the classification is faulty. Therefore, a good classification essay sample will have the right kind of classification which is all-inclusive.

Explanation and conclusion:

If your categorization has been done on the right track, you will find that, to explain the same in a classification essay sample is not all that difficult. You should be able to justify a categorization and also be able to draw certain conclusions from what you have made.

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