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Essay Contests For High School Students
Essay Contests For High School Students
Win Scholarships Through Essay Contests for High School Students

Essay contests for high school students are always introduced in schools to bring about a sense of competition among students. It allows students to express themselves freely and with conviction. Usually, competitions held outside their own school are more competitive, as more participants take part in them. They allow competitive students to win prizes and scholarships both in their own country and internationally. What makes essay contests interesting is the fact that it is based on general questions relevant to the current times. International essay contests ask participants to express their viewpoints on vital issues that concern all peoples of the world like peace, terrorism, unemployment, poverty, and population control.
Understand And Follow The Rules Of Each Contest

Contests have their own guidelines that participants must follow. It is not practical to apply and participate in all essay contests for high school students. They can take part in those that allow them to write on their favorite subjects. Another important aspect is whether online access is available to participate. Not all contests are open to international students. For example, the National Peace Essay Contest is held only for US citizens, while the Fountainhead Essay Contest is an international scholarship essay contest open to participants in the age group 18 – 25 years. Knowledge about the topic is an asset that can help recollect unique aspects to include in the essay. It is important to note that most institutions follow international rules that govern prize money allotment, scholarships, and international travel. An essay that does not meet guidelines would be discarded.
Alyson Huber Essay Contest

Among the latest contests is an essay contest being held to honor California’s aviation history and the fifth annual California Capitol Airshow. It is being organized by Alyson Huber, an Assembly Member who has already extended invitations to high school students. Winners are invited with the entire classroom and felicitated during the air show. The air show is so thrilling that writing an essay based on information received from those who witnessed it is good enough to write an original essay. Motivation is high among participants, as they would invariably be egged on by other students in their class to win on their behalf. Aviation is a popular topic, and the essay offers high school students a chance to compete in the 800 words or less category. The topic is “How California’s Aviation History Inspires Me.” Topics could include write-ups on pilots, Air Force bases, aerospace regulations, or other relevant topics.
Keep the Drive Journalism Awards

Teenagers can participate in a contest that directly concerns them, unlike an academic essay. For example, a movement was started to create awareness among friends about safe driving. In the US itself nearly 4,000 teenagers die every year on account of car crashes. Ironically, car crashes kill more teens than even alcohol and drug abuse. The contest offers high school students a chance to test writing skills. They can gather knowledge about a topic that concerns them and their friends. An added incentive is the prize money, the lowest being $500 and $3,000 being the grand prize.

Students can actually participate in essay contests for high school students at different levels and categories to prove their worth.

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