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Application Essay for College Admissions
Application Essay for College Admissions
Application Essay How to Write One

Application essays are required to be written when you apply for graduate courses in various colleges, when you are seeking for internship or applying for various other academic programs. An application essay in a sense becomes a gateway for entrance to colleges where you sort of introduce and create a favorable picture of yourself to the selection committee of that particular college. These people who do not know you and cannot see you, can only judge by the strength of your written essay. So the only way to impress them and get admission, is to present an essay paper that will represent your thoughts in a clear, concise, logical and well organised manner. Of course, the paper will have to be 100% error free, too.

These essays are extremely important for your career and future so be careful while starting to write one. There are a few points that you will have to keep in mind before you start writing.

1. Read carefully the instructions given and follow them religiously. If instructions are not followed it will give out wrong signals to the reader who will assume that you may not understand and follow the given instructions while doing the program. So follow whatever word limit or page limit or theme is given and be careful not to overstep the boundaries set. There are generally two type of essays that you may be asked to write. It may be a one page general essay on one particular topic or it may be may be a number of questions that are looking for short, specific answers.

2. Do some soul searching, ask yourself and try to find out as to why you are interested in taking up that particular program. Go through the various pros and cons of taking up that subject and what will be the future implications. Write down whatever you think is important and present them in a positive light to the reader. Then start thinking about yourself and try to find out what are your strong points, your weaknesses, your habits, your motivation, your aspirations, that is, everything about yourself you think worth mentioning. Think honestly and write them down.

3. Once the outline is ready, start writing a draft. Make it interesting and do not write something which may be a common attribute to all students. Write specific things about yourself that you think are unique in you. Make sure you present your aims and objectives to the readers. Assure them that you understand the chosen program very well and feel quite ready to meet all challenges, but do not overstate your enthusiasm or the reader may find it to be too overwhelming to be true.

4. Write in first person and express your thoughts and views logically. The voice your use should be intelligent, not too loud or over the board and very simple. Simple language and well organised thoughts appeal more, than ornamental and flowery language and over the top sentiments. So stay simple and honest while expressing your thoughts.

5. Once you finish the essay writing do not forget the essay editing and proof reading part. This is very important to present a 100% error free paper.

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