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Creative Essay
The Right Way To Write A Creative Essay

Writing a creative essay requires a great deal of imagination and skill. Students spend years trying to master the art of essay writing. Unless they learn the steps leading to writing great essays, they would not be very sure of whether they can actually write creatively. The purpose of writing an essay is simple. A writer tries to convey a message across to readers about a topic in a convincing way. Words can create magic. Some writers are gifted with great imagination which they are able to successfully convert into words. Others may find the going tough, as organizing their thoughts into words that would interest readers does not occur naturally. Students should try and use some basic skills learned in school to introduce creativity in their writing.

Children have wild imaginations and can weave a story out of a simple fictitious character generated in their minds. It comes naturally to them, as they are very observant and can notice subtle changes taking place in their daily lives. Their minds are actively looking to absorb these changes. Although their thoughts may not be as structured as in adults, it actually helps in imagining an event, character, or object. Students should strive to consciously develop the imaginative skills of children. Observing things around them and connecting them to examples that could be used in a creative essay would be the first step towards writing a great essay.

Weave a story around a topic of choice. Topics may be offered to students, or they may have to come up with their own. In either case, they must select a sub topic they are familiar with and are confident of writing with flair and confidence. For example, take the topic “Write a 5-paragraph essay on how to shop with a shoe-string budget.” It may seem that the topic cannot be broken down any further, but students would probably know of examples, incidents, and people who are experts in shopping. The topic could therefore be changed to “A 5-paragraph essay of how my Aunt Betty did her Christmas shopping in just $10.” Readers would surely be more interested in the more specific sub topic. Writers would have content including an example that actually worked. It thus becomes much easier to write about the event than to research and come up with examples that would be difficult to verify.

Think of essay ideas and jot them down in the essay outline created. Though the creative process demands that students be as spontaneous as possible, they need to follow a structure that has worked for them in the past. For instance, students would habitually find a topic, structure their ideas into the body of the essay, prepare an introduction with the essay statement, and write a summarized conclusion.

The steps are repeated several times before they can finalize the essay. By following methods that work for them, students are creating confidence in themselves and could spend more time on the creative aspect of getting better ideas and using their writing skills to draft an imaginative creative essay.

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