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Book Critique Writing
Book Critique Writing
When writing a book critic, one needs to remember that the only rule of thumb is to analyze the impact the book had on you. Basically this means that when critiquing a book, one seems more like responding to the way its message and style have rubbed on you. In this regard the following format is advisable:

Begin with an Introductory Statement

In the introductory statement, make sure you come off as though you are responding to someone’s statements to you. In this regard, appear to answer the question whether or not you enjoyed reading the book in question. As you answer this question, explain to your audience the reasons as to why you found it interesting reading the book. Include your opinion as to whether the book left a positive or negative imprint on you.

Next is the Body of the Critique

Depending on the nature of the book you read, the body of the critique will usually take the form of addressing the specific styles and characters that were employed by the author to deliver his message. Begin by a description of how the author managed to captivate you and hold your attention fixed on the book throughout your reading. This may mean you specifically highlight how the author managed to do this, mentioning various methods and styles adopted and their respective examples.

Secondly, discuss the characters you have encountered in the novel. Always begin with the dominant characters first. Highlight your opinion as to the level at which you feel they were interesting. At this point it is advisable to state which character became your favorite in the book. You can also explain the reason this particular character became your favorite. Moreover state whether the author was artistic in employing the characters in the book. Offer your opinion as to whether the characters have been brought out well in their environments. Here, you can mention the scenes that you found particularly interesting. Were they many? It is very important to explain how these scenes were enjoyable to you. Above all, always remark on any additions you would have wished the author to factor in to the scenes of the book. State the importance these additions would have been to further clarify a theme, a point etc.

Lastly, conclude your critique

Conclusions are an ideal place to write what you gained by reading the book. On this note, state the general lessons that you learnt followed by the more specific ones. Discuss you view of which category of people in the society you would recommend to read the book. If you do not have anyone in mind then you can give a reason why you think these books’ lessons are for anyone or none in particular. In fact, you can state whether it has themes that students can find uplifting and inspiring. Can you find any further applications that the book can offer the academic circles, for example can group activities in a class be enacted to further or to deliver the lessons gained from the book? Group activities can be such as skits, quizzes and discussions, to name but a few.

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