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Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the society
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the society
According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the savage man was much more perfect and developed physically, as he had to survive in those primitive, enfant conditions, when the body was his only instrument. He had to accustom to the different weather conditions and to the rigor of the seasons.

In comparison to such a well-formed constitution of savages Rousseau depicts in the condition of the reader the present day intelligent man, who is much less developed physically and, as we will see later in Rousseau's work, morally.

So here we can see a suspicious attitude from the philosopher's side towards industry. He emphasizes the main idea of his throughout the discourse that inequality, all the vices and misery are the products of people themselves. Morally the savage, according to Rousseau, is better as well.

It is worth noting here that Rousseau rejected the conception of the original sin. For him, humans initially were like animals not knowing what virtue was and so not knowing what was bad. They had instincts that they followed and if they were satisfied it was everything the savage needed. The only case they would be violent was self-defense.

At the same time, as opposed to the man within the society with all his vices, prides and desires, the man in the state of nature had one very important virtue that successfully substituted all the laws imposed for us by the society. That virtue was a natural empathy. So, as we can see, Rousseau believed that the first people were like animals. But they had two main differences that actually led them to the organization of the society. They were liberty and the ability to develop.

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