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Unemployment Essay
Unemployment EssayAn Unemployment Essay Exploring Causes And Effects

An unemployment essay is an unpleasant task essay writers have to undertake, but it is necessary to gauge the effects it brings to the lives of so many students passing out of school and college. The task becomes even more important when we know that unemployment is on the rise due to various factors. It could be the rise in population, competition, the recession, or a mismatch between qualification and requirement. Let us go through some factors that cause unemployment in more detail and analyze the effects it has on people and society in general.
The single largest factor bringing about a rise in unemployment is the rise in population. Countries like India and China have a major problem on their hands due to rise in population. Their respective governments have been taking action, but it always seems to be a question of catching up. Governments are keen on letting the economy dictate demand and supply of goods. Those who are ready to adapt to a changing working environment would survive and be recognized for their adaptability and tenacity. The cause is known, but the result would be in the hands of individuals.
Poverty is another major reason, which again is directly related to the rise in population. It can be highlighted in unemployment essays. A country is poor when it cannot afford basic amenities like food and shelter to its people. It is no longer a case of Third World countries coming under this category. Even developed nations feel the threat of a decline in living standards. This fact has been recognized by world bodies involved in eradicating poverty. Experts from all over the world meet and discuss effective ways to curb poverty with tools like microfinance. For example, the United Nations is a body that offers funding opportunities across geographical barriers involving municipalities, local bodies, and even governments across the globe. Such initiates create jobs and help in a big way in slowing down the rate of unemployment.
Analyzing demands of the marketplace is a specialized field involving unemployment essay experts that try to forecast future needs of the people and how to meet their demands. Students are adversely affected by trends that always seem to take place in phases. Students in the early 70s believed that the engineering field provided lucrative jobs for all. Many colleges and universities cropped up trying to fulfill this need. After the internet revolution, students wanted to learn software. What happened to the field of engineering? It was modified and blended with computer technology to solve engineering problems faster and more accurately.
The skills needed to work in industry have changed, but jobs are still available. Those students who recognize this fact and are willing to keep learning new technologies and skills after graduation stand a good chance of beating the trend of unemployment. Adaptation is the key. Worldwide, universities have recognized this fact and have introduced new study programs that generate ready candidates for various specialized positions in industry. Though this is a good trend, students would have to keep in touch with the latest demands of industry. They can begin understanding trends by referring to unemployment essays written by experienced writers on the panel of online companies like ParamountEssays.com.

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