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Descriptive Essay About A Person
Descriptive Essay About A Person
A descriptive essay about a person can be written in a casual and personal style, especially about a known person who has played an important role in our lives. The description should be made in such a way that readers would be able to experience the same vision the writer has about the person. It can be personal attributes or characteristics displayed. The essay is usually written about someone who has greatly impressed for some unique quality that stands out in a crowd. The purpose of writing such an essay can be varied. It can be an assignment in school, a tribute paid to the person for having influenced lives, or just essay to remember the person by.

One must decide on the reason before writing the essay. For example, a descriptive essay about a place would offer details of where it is located, what it is famous for, or what it is being used for. A descriptive essay about a person can offer many different viewpoints which would be more qualitative than quantitative. A writer can begin by writing about how the person looks and then elaborate on the one unique personality trait that separates him or her from the rest. A special mention can be mentioned about special qualities that are exhibited. It is often easier to begin writing about appearance as it relates to personal interaction with the person. Sometimes, it may be not possible as in the case of famous personalities who may be inaccessible. In that case, research comes to your aid. The internet is a powerful medium that can offer you valuable information on any topic.

While researching, think of areas that are possible for you to get information on. For example, it is possible to get information on the qualifications of a person, their personality traits, and achievements. It might not be possible though to know other incidents that changed eating habits or a personís current occupation. Such details can be gathered through personal interaction or interview. If it is possible to meet the person, you can prepare a list of questions based on the direction you choose to take in the essay. You may be able to get useful information to include in the essay. Take reference from essay examples on famous personalities to get an idea of how to go about drafting questions.

The curriculum may not specify any descriptive essay topics. In that case, students would do well to write about a friend. Observation is a strong guide in terms of expressing viewpoints about a topic. Your regular interaction with friends would provide enough information about them. Think of events you took part with them. It would offer you scope to describe their participation in those events and special moments that can be part of a descriptive essay about a person. Jot down points and then summarize the details in logical order. Introduce the most important aspect of your description through the essay statement and then elaborate on it in the body of the essay. The conclusion would reiterate what was said earlier in the essay.

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