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Descriptive Essay About A Place
Descriptive Essay About A Place
A descriptive essay about a place would be a visual experience described in words. It does not really take require someone to have special skills to write about a place. It does, however, require one to have good observation skills that can be expressed in a written format. People travel around visiting places on holiday, visiting relatives, or just for the sake of traveling. The memory of a good place remains fresh in the mind and can be easily reproduced in writing. Some students who have to write an essay of this sort might not have had the opportunity to travel much or were probably too young to remember about a place they visited. Whatever the reason, here are some tips you could use if asked to write about a place.

Read about the place from the several sources available to you. For example, you might have to write a descriptive essay about a place you have never visited. That should not deter you in any way. Just refer to online government-run tourism websites. These sites would offer the latest information, both from a historical as well as from a touristís point of view. Such information could be easily used and adapted to write an essay. Students can easily add their own views about the place based on facts and viewpoints expressed by experts and tourists.

Follow the simple rules of essay writing by informing readers about the place in the introduction through the essay question. Allow them to make a connection with your point of view by expanding on the essay question in the remaining part of the introduction. The body of the essay can then elaborate on the topic. Some like to highlight physical details about a place followed by historical facts and tourist attractions. The sequence is not as important as your point of view on the one main idea or event you wish to highlight. Everything else should connect to it and must be placed logically across the essay.

The purpose of writing the essay could be to inform readers about an important event that is to take place. It could then be used to highlight the history surrounding it or a unique idea that would interest readers. An essay that just informs readers would not generate much interest unless you have identified the one element that would excite a large audience. A short well-written essay is more relevant, especially if it were to be written as a school assignment.

Write in your own unique style like you were presenting a story. To do so, the structure of the essay would have to be sound. Link each additional point you make to the essay question. If there is a deviation from the original topic, it should be described in detail so that readers do not get confused. A descriptive essay about a place can be safely written around just one idea in very little words. Practice writing short sentences that are grammatically correct and explain your viewpoint clearly. You could always refer to essay samples on the same of similar topic to generate more ideas.

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