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A Descriptive Essay About A Person
A Descriptive Essay About A Person
A descriptive essay about a person is an interesting topic to write about. You could find several interesting characteristics in a person to write about. If you happened to know the person, then it would be quite easy to write about him or her. There are several ways you can describe a person.

Portray the person in the context of an achievement. In a descriptive essay, it becomes quite easy to write about the achievements of a person. Compile a story involving facts about the person. Write in detail first describing the event and then the role he or she had to play in the event. Do not worry too much about the sentence structure at this stage. Just ensure that you have included everything that is to be told about the person.

In a description essay, you can also talk about the character of a person. You will need to know a bit about the person. Be observant and note down all the positive as well as negative traits you notice. If you are writing about a person out of a book, you can research about the character in the book itself. Ensure that you have reference from other sources over the internet. Gather as much information and list it down.

Since you have to write about a person, choosing descriptive essay topics becomes a bit difficult to pin point. For example, a person could have several positive traits that you could identify. To choose any one topic about a particular characteristic and to elaborate about it would be difficult. It is much easier to write generally about a person. If you are not given any choice, select topics that speak about the way a person dresses, mannerisms, and how he or she looks. Though these may seem general, it would help you write a unique description about the person.

The purpose of writing an informative essay is to provide useful information about a person to readers. It should be almost pictorial. In fact you can use pictures and photos to enhance your essay. Be imaginative and think of ways to describe a person. With the advent of the internet, it is possible to present your essay with enhanced technology. The possibilities are tremendous. For example, if you are permitted, you can use a portable document format (PDF), which allows you to present your essay very vividly.

Another useful way of writing a narrative essay is to imagine yourself to be the person you are writing about. It becomes easier as you will definitely get more ideas and remember events that would connect with the person. Also, writing a narrative is probably the easiest form of writing which we all must have written out of habit in school.

The basis of writing a descriptive essay is simple. Extend your thoughts to writing about the person elaborately. Present facts about achievements, characteristics, positive and negative traits. Write with confidence as if you were narrating a story and you would have no problem writing a descriptive essay about a person.

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